News to know: Adobe launches AIR 1.0; Private IE 8 beta; Apple IIc; Jeremy Allison

Notable headlines:Adobe to launch AIR 1.0 Techmeme.

Notable headlines:

Adobe to launch AIR 1.0 Techmeme.

Putting terabytes of memory into servers, the cheap way

Mary Jo Foley: Private IE 8 beta 1 test build coming soon

Richard Stiennon: Pakistan removed from the Internet Pakistan declares war on YouTube Techmeme. Pakistan takes out YouTube

Review: Lenovo ThinkPad X300

Computerworld: Sold on eBay: New in box Apple II

Christopher Dawson: Beyond redeployment Final thoughts on my Gmail fiasco

Larry Dignan: Yahoo could be Microsoft’s ‘prove it’ moment on open source interoperability NY Times: Maybe Microsoft should stalk different prey

Microsoft buying SAP isn't a picnic either

Mary Jo Foley: Microhoo: Lots of questions and still no

new answers

Jeremy Allison: Of DVDs and documents

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week

George Ou: Leaked Intel Nehalem performance projections over AMD Shanghai

Rik Fairlie: Expert tips on extending your home Wi-Fi range

Webware: Plants that Twitter when they need to be watered Russell Beattie: Twitter, nearly a million users no spam

Matthew Miller: How would you like to run Palm OS apps on your iPhone/iPod Touch?

AP: Electronic Arts offers $2 billion for Take-Two

USA Today: eBay listings down 13% on boycott

Roland Piquepaille: Free software tools for archivists

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Vista: 32-bit vs. 64-bit & RTM vs. SP1

Wired News: Free, why $0.00 is the future of business

Mary Jo Foley: Vista SP1: The hits just keep coming

Jason O'Grady: MacBook Air Diary-Day 23: Lovin' the F8 key

Join a user group

John Morris: Is Toshiba's HD-DVD laptop feeling blue?

Samsung Electronic laptop battery melts

Dana Blankenhorn: Is open source giving Second Life a second life? What Google doesn't get. The open source link of AMD and Nvidia

Garett Rogers: Go stealth with Google Talk in Gmail

Heather Clancy: Is it wrong to make money off green tech? No, it's called capitalism

Richard Koman: Comcast 'on trial' at FCC hearing Monday

Deadline in Viacom, Google copyright suit extended

Publisher purges thousands of unlicensed fonts

Russell Shaw: New "GiFi" wireless chip unveiled: 5 gigs per second up to 10 meters!

Ryan Stewart: Scott Guthrie gives us a first look at Silverlight 2

Microsoft's Michael Howard: Sure we have security problems, but we're fixing em