News to know: Apple; Phishing attacks; RIM; Intel

Apple, phishing attacks, RIM's latest Bold and Intel lead Monday's headliners.
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Garett Rogers: Questions about Google Public DNS

Dancho Danchev: How many people fall victim to phishing attacks?

Oliver Marks: Why 'Free Conference Calls' are like Russian Roulette

Jason Perlow: For Vertical Market Smartphone Apps, Is Webkit the "True" Dev Target?

Andrew Nusca: With 3G, quad-band and Wi-Fi calling, RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 is best fixed QWERTY smartphone to date

Christopher Dawson: What's behind my Classmate PC problems?

Robin Harris: The last word on Swoopo

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Intel Larrabee delayed, small cloud of vapor all that remains

Matthew Miller: Verizon confirms Android 2.0 upgrade with Google Maps Navigation for Droid Eris

Sam Diaz: Google acquires EtherPad maker for Google Wave team

Heather Clancy: SmartSynch promises "universal" connections for the smart grid

Sam Diaz: Apple about to acquire Lala. Are iTunes music streams coming?

Mary Jo Foley: Office 15: Let the feature requests begin

Zack Whittaker: Twitter in a nutshell: The student guide

Janice Chen: Why you should shoot RAW format for your holiday photos

Top-rated reviews of the week (photos)

Sean Portnoy: Is CableCard dead? FCC weighs alternatives.

Rachel King: Toddlers on Twitter via The Twoddler?

SmartPlanet: Harvard, MIT researchers use gaming GPUs to simulate brain

Nusca: Without keyboard, is this the next Motorola Droid?

Doug Hanchard: Teenagers addicted to the internet have higher mental health risk

Supernova: The battle for the soul of the Web

Jason Perlow: Frugal Friday: RIP Crunchpad, Apple/Psystar Settlement, Comcast/NBC, Chrome OS, Google DNS, Microsoft Forefront TMG and UAG

Joe McKendrick: SOAP versus REST: a matter of style?

iPhone: The 13 apps of Christmas

The Browser Mob: Google Public DNS vs OpenDNS vs Your ISP's DNS - measuring performance

Christopher Dawson: Goodbye, Dictionary.com...Hello, Google Dictionary

Portnoy: Survey says buyers looking for smaller HDTVs this holiday season

Dana Blankenhorn: David Blumenthal unveils an FCC of health IT

Ars Technica: How Hollywood plans to keep prices up as movies go online

The good news on cell phones and cancer

Computerworld: Study: MySQL use to drop under Oracle ownership

10 Linux features Windows should have by default

Google derangement syndrome

Harry Fuller: Copenhagen: a spectator's guide

Paul Murphy: The Hoffman files: counting votes in NY23

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