News to know: Congress; Newser; Apple; VMware; High-speed rail

Harry Fuller: Confronting Congressional hypocrisyThe U.S.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Harry Fuller: Confronting Congressional hypocrisy

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Newser Versus The New York Times, Revisited: Who's Copying Whom?

Andrew Nusca: Apple director: 'no change' in Jobs' plans

Dan Kusnetzky: VMware's cloud computing announcements

Harry Fuller: Rail--even more controversial than nuclear?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is the new browser war a good thing for end users?

Christopher Dawson: Stop bashing social networks

Andrew Nusca: Intel joins Dell in fight against 'netbook' trademark

Zack Whittaker: Office Live Workspace: more features, more storage

Joe Brockmeier: What makes good governance?

Garett Rogers: Google App Engine to start charging for usage

Chris Jablonski: ETech 2009 Preview

Andrew Nusca: Nokia may enter laptop industry, CEO says

Mary Jo Foley: SQL Data Services to get an overhaul

Heather Clancy: Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains.

Mary Jo Foley: New Microsoft patent-infringement case involves Linux

Ryan Naraine: Google wants to buy Native Client security flaws

Sam Diaz: Yahoo execs talk Bartz, search deal and new opportunities

Matthew Miller: 375 priced apps appear in the Android Market after one week, are any worth the price?

Richard Koman: Atlantis still lost, sea lines explained

Harry Fuller: Solar stocks: sunny side down

Sam Diaz: Intel: Economy hurts but there are bright spots

Andrew Nusca: Nortel to cut 3,200 more employees

Mary Jo Foley: MSDN, TechNet subscribers get Vista SP2 RC bits

Dancho Danchev: Malware campaign at YouTube uses social engineering tricks

Paul Greenberg: Oracle CRM - Innovation Free or Innovative?

Sam Diaz: More iPhone vs. Storm: Neither was for me

Dana Blankenhorn: Paglo re-branded as SaaS

Heather Clancy: Coolerado looks to sun to keep things cool

Michael Krigsman: San Diego fires Axon over ERP implementation problems

Christopher Dawson: Cart troubles

Richard Koman: Music industry blames PirateBay for losses


Larry Dignan: The Kindle 2 debate: If a robot reads a book is it an audio book?

Ryan Naraine: Adobe swings and misses as PDF abuse worsens

Andrew Nusca: U.S. Supreme Court rules for AT&T in antitrust suit

Zack Whittaker: Has Internet Explorer 8 been released? No.

Dana Blankenhorn: Open source becomes irresistible political force

Andrew Nusca: Worldwide semiconductor revenue to decline 24% in 2009

Dana Blankenhorn: Moore's Law and open source

Joe McKendrick: Four important SOA metrics that need to be watched

Larry Dignan: HP to distribute Sun's Solaris on its Proliant servers

Zack Whittaker: MSR releases U Rank; jumps on the Google bandwagon

Ryan Naraine: ID thieves go phishing for GTalk, GMail passwords

Phil Wainewright: Did privacy laws bring down Gmail yesterday?

Jason D. O'Grady: Apple TV 2.3.1 update breaks Boxee (Updated 2x)

John Morris: Dell's Studio XPS to get major upgrades--inside and out

Dana Blankenhorn: Giving away music for African health IT

Matthew Miller: Memphis police department rolls out 1,200 REDFLY Mobile Companions

Dana Blankenhorn: Are we going to single payer anyway?

Matthew Miller: Opera Mini serves up 1 petabyte of data in January 2009

Mary Jo Foley: Red Dog: Five questions with Microsoft mystery man Dave Cutler

Larry Dignan: AMD demos 'Istanbul' six-core processor

Mary Jo Foley: Windows 7: Beta testers, not Microsoft, need more feedback

Ed Burnette: Market Moves: Sales disappoint so far

Oliver Marks: Engineers are from Mars, Marketers are from Venus

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