News to know: Google phone; URL shortening; Oracle, iMac shipping; Facebook

A Google phone, URL shortening and Oracle's reassurances top today's headlines
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Larry Dignan: The Google Phone: Risks, rewards and wild cards

Sam Diaz: Google, Facebook in URL shortening: pioneers should keep innovating

Larry DIgnan: Oracle reassures MySQL customers as wrestles with EU over the Sun purchase

Andrew Nusca: Apple apologizes for 27-inch iMac shipping delays

Zack Whittaker: Updated Facebook privacy: How to privatise your profile

Larry Dignan: Amazon creates cloud computing spot market

Robin Harris: Why the Air Force wants 2200 more PlayStations

John Morris: Why "good enough" simply isn't with laptops

Mary Jo Foley: Get an updated list of Microsoft codenames (19 pages and counting)

Sam Diaz: No dirty pics or nasty rumors: LG targets teens in mobile safety campaign

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: B&N nook hacked ... but for how long?

Dana Blankenhorn: Ask not what open source can do for you this Christmas

ZDNet UK: Domain names get international flavor

TechCrunch: Facebook For Android Just Got A Big Upgrade, Is Catching Up To Its iPhone Cousin

Jason Perlow: The Challenges that Public Libraries face with eBooks (Podcast)

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft patches Office 2003 rights-management bug

Andrew Nusca: Best Buy, Samsung, Westinghouse, 11 more named in GPL lawsuit

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: What makes your tech gear obsolete?

Jason D. O'Grady: Developers muzzled in App Store makeover

Andrew Nusca: Facing fees, 42% of mobile users who want to switch carriers don't

Dana Blankenhorn: Liberals taste a fecal matter sandwich on health care

Joe McKendrick: Ten examples of SOA at work, circa 2009 (Part 1)

Andrew Nusca: HTC-made Google Nexus One certified by FCC

Paul Greenberg: 17 top CRM analysts

Heather Clancy: The Sustainable Network: Not exactly green, but integral to sustainability movement

Jason Perlow: Frugal Tech Show: eReaders Suck, JooJoo, Nexus One, Net Privacy, SPICE and VDI, RedHat Virtualization

Dennis Howlett: Batting for the little guys: Panaya's progress

Dana Blankenhorn: Thunderbird 3 opens French open source gap

Jono Bacon: Community meetings: Rock not ramble

Dennis Howlett: The SAP Influencer Summit verdict

Matthew Miller: How to loan ebooks on the nook with LendMe service

Harry Fuller: Deny this: mountains of evidence, islands of indicators

Rachel King: Philco PC 1950s-style desktop just a concept now, hopefully reality soon

Harry Fuller: Copenhagen: walk-out as drama builds

CNET: Bug keeps some Office users from their files

The future of... check deposits

Harry Fuller: US, Canada, Russia--near the head of the class

Heather Clancy: New book outlines IBM's "Green Sigma" approach

Dan Kusnetzky: Blackduck Software comments on the growing use of open source

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