News to know: Google's developer's day; Novell details Microsoft pact; Alienware gallery

Notable headlines:Ed Burnette: Google Developer Day sneak peek with Bret Taylor.Russell Shaw: Google patent app shows extensive Google plans for mobile search.

Notable headlines:

Ed Burnette: Google Developer Day sneak peek with Bret Taylor.

Russell Shaw: Google patent app shows extensive Google plans for mobile search.

Dell Offers Three Consumer Systems With Ubuntu 7.04.

Novell to detail Microsoft patent pact. Novell joins EFF for patent reform.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Three more things that the Linux community doesn't get.

Review: Garmin Nuvi 270 (right). Eben Moglen predicts broad embrace of GPL 3.

Robin Harris: Warp speed file serving with pNFS.

George Ou: Canon's FSO laser beam uplink.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft pours more cold water on Yahoo-merger speculation.

Gallery (left): Speed and power to grow on with the Alienware Area-51 7500.

Is Vista helping boost PC sales? Larry Dignan: Survey: Corporate adoption of Vista a year or two away. Dan Farber: Bob Muglia: Microsoft changing its approach to interoperability.

Chipmakers' silicon scraps feed solar industry's hunger. IBM, Chartered, Samsung unite on 32 nanometer.

Ryan Naraine: McAfee yawns at pornographic OpenOffice virus sample. Google, Dell in URL redirection ’spyware’ flap.

Search Engine Land: Google & Dell's Revenue-Generating URL Error Pages Drawing Fire.

TechCrunch: $100 Million Payday For Feedburner - This Deal Is Confirmed. Techmeme.

Microsoft says has all it needs for ad business.

HP settles with SEC over disclosure. Review: Samsung SCH-R510 (left).

AppleInsider: Apple seen unloading new MacBook Pros and (possibly) iMacs at WWDC.

Reuters: Network Appliance sees revenue downturn.

Mary Jo Foley: Google is failing the Microsoft litmus test. Donna Bogatin: Microsoft vs. Google: War of the tee-shirts? Andrew Keen: Does Eric Schmidt want to sniff the armpits of my mind? Net taxes could arrive by this fall.

Google: Search without boundaries. Christopher Dawson: Google makes web more accessible for non-English speakers.

Joshua Greenbaum: Siebel 2.0: The end of

Gallery (right):

Set up regular automated backups with Windows Home Server.

The education of Jonathan Schwartz.

Larry Dignan: Drumbeat for Dell’s move into retail intensifies.

Just how valuable are those cookie files? Ars Technica: New superfast wireless broadband device prototype submitted to FCC.

Dan Farber: Splunk 3.0 drills deeper into IT data.

John Newton: Open source and business pleasure vs. business pain. Dana Blankenhorn: Open source and the attention economy.

Review (right): BlackBerry 8830. Russell Shaw: BlackBerry OS 4.3.0 reported on way.

Computerworld: Hack DNS for lightning-fast Web browsing.

Donna Bogatin: Silicon Valley move over? NYC bullish on next Internet wave.

Steve O'Hear: Technorati repositions itself away from blogs.