News to know: Hactivists; XO-2 laptop; HP; Virtualization

Notable headlines:Dancho Danchev: Pro-Serbian hacktivists attacking Albanian web sites Over 1.5 million pages affected by the recent SQL injection attacksDoS Attacks Using SQL Wildcards RevealedRyan Naraine: Secunia finds 'highly critical' Foxit Reader FlawAre you wary of the insider on the outside?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Dancho Danchev: Pro-Serbian hacktivists attacking Albanian web sites

Nate McFeters: What is the U.S. doing about security? Part II.Larry Dignan: HP's second quarter solid; Focus remains on EDS

Robin Harris: High-end disks dead in 2 years

Todd Bishop: Microsoft to lure search users with cash

Review: SimpleTech Signature Mini (320GB, red)

Paula Rooney: Microsoft HyperV RC1 available for testing

Review: RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Verizon Wireless)

Larry Dignan:OLPC outlines XO-2; Can it deliver?

Phil Wainewright: Breaking away from ERP as bookkeeping

Jason Hiner: Nortel claims that it is siphoning network customers away from Cisco

Garett Rogers: Google releases Health API to developers

Dennis Howlett: SAP Business ByDesign customers quietly confident

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's $300 million makeover

Jason O'Grady: MacBook Err

Gizmodo: iPhone 3G Launch Date Confirmed

Paul Murphy: iCenter? Wishing, not predicting

Dana Gardner: IBM executive defines next generation of enterprise datacenters through cloud computing

Joe McKendrick: Is SOA delivering value? We need to understand this better

TechCrunch: Twitter: Something Is Technically Wrong

Google Blogoscoped: The Internet FAQ from 2085

Richard Koman: Lessig: Bill to fix orphaned works is 'unfair and unwise' Paul Miller: Ask questions of Tim Berners-Lee, Nova Spivack and others

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Macs account for two-thirds of sales of PCs costing $1,000 or more Ryan Stewart: Silverlight version of New York Times reader for Macs

Matthew Miller: Triple booting into Vista, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu on a Fujitsu U810 UMPC

Dana Blankenhorn: Privacy, secrecy, innovation and open source

David Morgenstern: A vote for passive noise isolation, not active reduction

Koman: Google holds firm against Lieberman's call to take down Islamist videos

News.com: Nielsen: MySpace, Club Penguin growth static, LinkedIn soaring

Investing legends circle Yahoo; Does a breakup make sense?

Harry Fuller: The Folks at NTR say it's a small, but crucial, step from software to landscape

Rik Fairlie: Netflix launches device for watchin

g movies on TV Gallery (right), review, and is it a game changer?

Steve O'Hear: TweetCube, dead simple filesharing on Twitter

Roland Piquepaille:A 13th century social network

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