News to know: HP home server review; Mandriva on Classmate PC; IE refresh

Notable headlines:Robin Harris: Macs cost less than PCs - if you erase the disks.Ryan Naraine: Hackers seize Alicia Keys's MySpace page, launching malware attacks.

Notable headlines:

Robin Harris: Macs cost less than PCs - if you erase the disks.

Ryan Naraine: Hackers seize Alicia Keys's MySpace page, launching malware attacks.

Ed Bott: HP’s new home server is small, smart, and impressively simple.

Gallery (right).

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to launch test build of Internet Explorer refresh in December. Microsoft-Novell: What a long, strange year. Microsoft delivers test build of Windows Live toolkit, more Live APIs.

Ryan Naraine: Vulnerability auction site founder arrested in Italy. Two Windows bulletins coming on Patch Tuesday.

Gphone vs. iPhone: The security debate begins. Multiplying Mac Trojan not epidemic yet.

Joshua Greenbaum: Peeking Under the Tent At Oracle OpenWorld: Fusion On Schedule and Web 2.0 Meets CRM. Dennis Howlett: Subtle change at Oracle: old meets new.

Matthew Miller: T-Mobile Shadow sets the standard for Windows Mobile usability

Christopher Dawson: And the Nigerian gove

rnment chose Windows why? Mandriva on Classmate PC gallery (right).

Report: Sprint and Clearwire scrap WiMax pact. Paula Rooney: Red Hat, Novell race to offer better Windows guest support, Windows Server 2008 virtualization support.

Michael Krigsman: New ERP research: quantifying failure and growth.

Bumps on the road to Microsoft's Surface. Qualcomm shares drop on disappointing outlook. Reuters: Priceline third quarter profit more than doubles. AP: Nvidia profit doubles.

Dan Farber: IBM applies autonomic computing to energy management.

Ars Technica: Blu-ray's DRM crown jewel cracked.

Larry Dignan: T-Mobile hops on the OLPC bandwagon.

George Ou: Intel launches HPC/Cluster development tools. AMD touts 'stream computing' chip.

David Berlind: Latest DRM trainwreck: Major League Baseball.

Jason O'Grady: Apple prepping 10.5.1 update. MSN Messenger for Mac - I'm not dead yet!

Screenshots: A peek at Red Hat's Fedora 8 Linux (right). Christopher Dawson: Mandriva...Not just for Classmates. The installation.

Russell Shaw: Vonage’s 3Q numbers are in: Four reasons why the future looks dim. Skype releases 2.0 for Linux- with video calling and some bugfixes.

Computerworld: Exploit code out for Oracle Database 10g vulnerability. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The iPod/iTunes link IS monopolistic.

Michael Krigsman: London Stock Exchange (LSE) system failure stops trading. Murdoch: MySpace worries ‘misplaced’; Calls Facebook a phonebook.

David Berlind: Laszlo demo: The write once/run anywhere (Flash,DHTML,Java,Silverlight) RIA dev tool? Ryan Stewart: MIX08 open for registration. Buzzword now available without signup. Dana Blankenhorn: Internet health finally getting healthy?


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