News to know: IE exploit; Windows Live; Crowdsourcing; Apple

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:Ed Bott: Windows Live drops the ball on supportMary Jo Foley: Will the Microsoft Live Search turmoil ever end?
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Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily:

Ed Bott: Windows Live drops the ball on support

Gizmodo: The Definitive Coast-to-Coast 3G Data Test

Dancho Danchev: Thousands of legitimate sites SQL injected to serve IE exploit

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft's incredible IE patch turnaround

Microsoft Big Brains: Anders Hejlsberg

Jason Perlow: How to ruin a perfectly good Sunday with Windows Vista

Images: Free online games for the whole family

Jennifer Leggio: Crowdsourcing the masses - 2009 social media predictions

Paula Rooney: Microsoft offers view into ODF 1.1, Open XML implementations for Office 2007 SP2

The Open Road: Novell cancels its 2009 BrainShare conference

Michael Krigsman: Univ. of Wisconsin CIO discusses IT failure [podcast]

LA Times: Major leadership shakeup at LinkedIn: Nye leaves, Hoffman back at the helm

Sean Portnoy: Novatel Wireless launches MiFi mobile router--no tethering required

Tom Steinert-Threlkeld: Free? The 'Wired' Economy Is Still 80% Atoms, Not 100% Bits

Ed Burnette: The Mac is dead (again), pass the Cider

Brian Sommer: Would you sign off on this audit? What's a going concern in this business climate?

VentureBeat: VC survey: Market will look up ... in 2010

TechRepublic: The five phases of a successful network penetration

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: NVIDIA Quadro CX - Accelerator for Adobe CS4

Dignan: Yahoo will anonymize user data after 90 days; Ups privacy ante

Motorola: We're freezing pensions, 401k matches

Matthew Miller: Review: HTC S740 (aka Rose) Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard device (right)

Heather Clancy: Check your package: When it comes to product boxes, the excess philosophy is falling out of vogue

Roland Piquepaille:  Flying robots for better weather forecasts

Dana Blankenhorn: That Vudu voodoo

Richard Koman: Annals of the law: Service by Facebook

Images: Philips GoGear: Luxe, Spark, and Raga (right)

Dawson: Has the age of 1:1 finally arrived?

Harry Fuller: Grays Harbor planning a wave of ocean-sited power plants

Zack Whittaker: (Vista Ultimate)RED for $65 to help save Africa

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: EA: Wii graphx sux

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