News to know: Intel; Microsoft layoffs; Motorola, Palm; Oracle-Sun; MSN

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.
Written by Sam Diaz, Inactive

Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates see BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage.:

Sam Diaz: New York AG files antitrust charges against Intel; alleges bribery, coercion

Mary Jo Foley: Are the Microsoft layoffs over now?

Matthew Miller: Motorola and Palm; will 2009 be designated as a comeback year?

Sam Diaz: EU showdown over Oracle-Sun; Objections seem imminent

Mary Jo Foley: The long and winding road to MSN's reinvention as a social hub

Andrew Nusca: Revisting the Motorola Droid on Verizon [Q&A]

Sean Portnoy: Wal-mart preempts Black Friday with HDTV specials this Saturday

Jason D. O'Grady: I Am T-Pain enjoys 10,000 downloads per day

Jono Bacon: Not tolerating the intolerant

Sam Diaz: Xobni expands to include enterprise but where are Web, Mobile and even Mac versions?

Matthew Miller: The iPhone is one of the best phones in the world, carriers with it are the problem

Doug Hanchard: U.S. Ethics Committee staffer file-shares sensitive document

Smartplanet: Apple can grab more share by slashing Mac prices
Tom Foremski: iSuppli: Cloud data storage market growth marred by privacy and security issues

Harry Fuller: Remember Kerry-Boxer?

Paul Greenberg: Organic Social Networks, the Yankees and....Wha'? (UPDATE: WE WON OUR 27TH WORLD SERIES!)

Andrew Nusca: Verizon to offer Sony Vaio P series ultraportable for $300 with contract

Harry Fuller: How about your own smarter grid at home?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft does a 180 on Exchange 2007 support (in a good way)

Andrew Nusca: LaCie Network Space 2 NAS adds torrent support, wake-on LAN; $160

Dana Gardner: HP takes converged infrastructure a notch higher with new data warehouse appliance

Zack Whittaker: Google Maps and the mystery of the non-existent town

Joe McKendrick: Gartner: 10 reasons why both sides of the SOA debate have it wrong

Oliver Marks: Andrew McAfee & Enterprise 2.0 conference

Harry Fuller: German chancellor chides Congress on global warming

Michael Krisgman: Please vote: Shortlisted at Computer Weekly

Andrew Nusca: Hands-on photos of Spring Design's Alex Android-based e-reader appear

Forrester: Policy-based SOA will enable increased business value and agility

Matthew Miller: HTC HD2 coming to major US carrier in early 2010

Andrew Nusca: Microsoft Courier interface functionality leaked

Dana Blankenhorn: LiMo has a second phone

Sam Diaz: Cisco's beats for Q1; bullish on investments and recovery

Dana Blankenhorn: How fast can remote monitoring move?

Andrew Nusca: HP prepping Envy 14 premium thin-and-light laptop

CNET: Congress may require ISPs to block fraud sites

ZDNet UK: Microsoft fixes IE patch again

Heather Clancy: HP helps clients get an edge on data center energy usage and "stranded" capacity

Zack Whittaker: Best use for touch hardware yet? FarmVille

Dana Blankenhorn: Ramji delivers a CodePlex process

CNET: Dell finalizes $3.9 billion offer for Perot

Doug Hanchard: European Parliament to revisit telecom regulations

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