News to know: Intel's 80-cores; Windows Mobile 6 screenshots

Notable headlines:Intel shows off 80-core processor. Gallery.
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Notable headlines:

Intel shows off 80-core processor. Gallery.

AMD touts power consumption tech in quad core. Prices fall on AMD desktop chips.
Sun’s new mantra: Brutal efficiency at deep scale. Code posted for Solaris remote root exploit.
Penn State researchers invent anti-worm technology. PHP update plugs serious security holes.
The countdown clock is officially ticking: Windows 7 due in 2009. Microsoft and Apple agree: Blanket virtualization is a no-no.
The Future of Personal Computing?

Digital politics:

Barack Obama launches social network.
Is Obama’s social network anti-social?
That's Not How You Do It Obama. Techmeme discussion.

Windows Mobile 6 Professional screenshots. Gallery.

Microsoft boosts mobile services.

Microsoft “officially” announces Windows Mobile 6. HP expands Windows Mobile line with the iPAQ Voice Messenger. Toshiba comes back to Windows Mobile with a couple new devices, i-mate updates too.

RIM to Introduce Newest BlackBerry.
Microsoft: Novell deal a milestone despite squabbles.
Comcast Customer Uses "Unlimited Service" Excessively, Gets Disconnected For A Year.
Creating enterprise applications using modified search algorithms. Google’s SearchMash is actually getting pretty good.
Apple Store Says Apple TV Shipping End of the Month.
Major Yahoo! Pipes bug fixed overnight.

Novell offers faster virtualized Windows.
Flash video coming to mobile devices with Flash Lite 3.
Universal Near Deal With Video Site on Royalties. YouTube reportedly in classic TV deal. Google’s $1.65 billion DMCA gamble.
Firefox 3 To Support Offline Apps.
The Great Vista/Mac Showdown: Two flavors of Bluetooth experience.
The Wizards of Buzz. Digg rock stars.
Want your Firefox add-ons? Better get them now.
Photoshop CS2 on Linux (Ubuntu).
This Vlog on how prison life affects families needs funding.
When It Comes to Innovation, Geography Is Destiny.

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