News to know: iPhone; Dell's net gear; DRM-free movies

Notable headlines:Engadget on how iPhone delay story happened. Techmeme discussion.

Notable headlines:

Engadget on how iPhone delay story happened. Techmeme discussion.

Larry Dignan: iPhone: The pieces are falling in place for lift-off. AppleInsider: Apple iPhone receives FCC approval. Russell Shaw: iPhone test results now live on FCC site: here are pics, links.

Dan Farber: Dell’s Project Hybrid: Pre-packaging the datacenter. Photos (right): Dell enterprise gear on display.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Can we expect to see DRM-free movies any time soon?

AMD's new Puma stalking Intel's Centrino.

Dion Hinchcliffe: The story of Web 2.0 and SOA continues - Part 1

Paul Murphy: Top 10 things you don't want to hear in IT.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft offers guidelines for next-gen UMPCs. Vista Service Pack 1: It lives. Microsoft's ODF vote--amends for its patent attack?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Is Firefox becoming bloated?


How do I... Perform basic formatting in Excel 2007.

Backers of stronger copyright laws form lobby group.

Mapping out the nanotech economy.

Ryan Naraine: Renegade spam fighter returns to game Digg, YouTube.

Techrepublic: Should you accept a management position?

Ad giant to scoop up 24/7 Real Media. Larry Dignan: Guess Microsoft wasn't interested in 24/7 after all.

Donna Bogatin: Google YouTube: Will Microsoft, Yahoo have last laugh? Google Book Search: Google Manifest Destiny races on.

Russell Shaw: Skype creating Game Channel, Game Developer Program.

Computerworld: Is speech recognition finally good enough? Dan Kusnetzky: Storage virtualization and green computing.

Garett Rogers: Video sharing websites: Google "has them all." Donna Bogatin: How Microsoft battles Google in Search warfare.

Photos (right): 21st century icebox.

MarketWatch: Intuit posts strong profit, sales growth in tax season.

TorrentFreak: BitTorrent in Focus: TV-series are Hot. Joe McKendrick: Who takes credit for SOA 'success'? Should IT?

Ryan Stewart: Fiveruns jumps into Rails and provides management suite.

Wired: What Makes Techmeme Tick? Inventor Gabe Rivera Explains.

Techrepublic: Use the power of these PHP functions to sort your arrays.

Baseline: Laptop Security on the Cheap.

Images (left): American mass consumption, by the numbers.

Game turns moviegoers into human joysticks.

Motorola to buy video encoding company.

Dana Gardner: Survey says: Microsoft's patent might worries few, angers many more.

Steve O'Hear: Spock, a first look.