News to know: iPhone; Mix; Patch day preview; Eee PC 900

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: iPhone goes corporate bigtime.David Morgenstern: Reporter's Notebook: $100 million to promote iPhone appsMary Jo Foley: Apple finally acknowledges iPhone's Exchange supportRussell Shaw: What one developer thinks about iPhone SDKHow long til the iPhone App store hacker challenge?
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Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: iPhone goes corporate bigtime.

Mary Jo Foley: Windows Live Platform Services: A guide for the perplexed

Ballmer: It's all about Web developers

Ryan Stewart: RIA News Day - iPhone SDK, JavaFX on Blu-Ray

Dana Gardner: It's good news, bad news: Microsoft gets its Internet act together

Dan Farber: Ray Ozzie bringing 'syncromesh' to the Web

Larry Dignan: Microsoft previews four critical bulletins for Office

TechCrunch: Google, Microsoft preparing bids for Digg Jason O'Grady: MacBook Air: An ideal hybrid bag

Christopher Dawson: Will Dell's new cloud computing blog mean anything for us? "Should I buy a Dell?"

John Morris: Asus Eee PC 900: The wow starts. . .later? George Ou: Asus' 8.9" Eee draws crowds at CeBIT

Garett Rogers: Google gives developers access to your contacts

Jason Calacanis: Google will have 90 percent market share in a year Yahoo: Yahoo Maps updated with new data

Michael Krigsman: Can project portfolio managem

ent prevent IT train wrecks?

Photos: 'Green' furniture cut out from cardboard

James Farrar: Tech Sector Takes a Kicking in Ethics Ranking Phil Ferscht: Indian outsourcing redux

Phil Wainewright: A plethora of PaaS options Joe McKendrick: Needed: Platforms that support Rich Internet Applications + SOA

IT salary survey: Not all technical certs created equal

Heather Clancy: It's Microsoft's turn: With hardware makers thinking greener, pressure is on for the software giant

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: From two to three GPUs with CrossfireX Quad

Richard Koman: FBI has more plans for criminal datasharing

Tech Trader Daily: HP revamps HP Labs

Tom Foremski: 90 minutes of HP Labs reboot in about 9 minutes...

Paula Rooney: Microsoft releases updated Office-OpenOffice XML translator, ramps up document interop efforts as ISO mulls OpenXML

Financial Times: Amazon to sell wine

Photos: Cryogenics chilled systems at CeBit

Rik Fairlie: Uncertainty stalls sales of Draft-N Wi-Fi routers

Roland Piquepaille: 3-D images of a virus at half-nanometer resolution

Greening of CeBit fails to revive shrinking IT fair

Gates no longer the richest man thanks to Yahoo bid

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