News to know: IT exec sellouts; Bezos' spacecraft

The daily reading list:Cisco to spend $830 million for e-mail security firm.Google reader adds metrics.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

The daily reading list:

Cisco to spend $830 million for e-mail security firm.
Google reader adds metrics.

Amazon answers Yahoo: Askville launches.

Walt Mossberg says Office 2007 an improvement, but there's a learning curve.

How IT execs sell out their organizations. Home Depot’s CEO switch could alter IT strategy.

In focus: Apple's month of bugs:

The good, the bad of bug campaigns.
Apple guru combats month of bugs.

Landon Fuller: Month of Apple Bugs - Day 3.

Samsung unveils "world's first truly double-sided LCD"
Is Islamist cryptography evil?
Acrobat flaw could spawn Web attacks. Five Hackers Who Left a Mark on 2006.

SanDisk rolls out flash hard drives for laptops
In focus: CES previews:
Ed Bott's road map for CES 2007.

CES: Disk makers join to push flash-embedded drives.

Vista: What will you say when you see it? A few suggestions.
Windows Live: Don’t expect of much of a splash at CES.
CNET CES preview.

What Jobs told me on the iPhone.

Jeff Bezos Shows Off Spacecraft Test.

Deleting Online Predators Act: RIP.

Adobe to bring Premiere Pro to Intel Macs.

Google partners with China Mobile on WAP.

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