News to know: Jobs speaks; Microsoft; Healthline; Enterprise 2.0; HTC

Notable headlines:WWDC kick-off: Larry Dignan: Jobs' Apple as a platform mantra to acceleratePGP rolls out Whole Disk Encryption for MacMatthew Miller: SlingPlayer Mobile on the iPhone will be demoed at Apple's WWDC this weekNews.com live coverage @ 10 a.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

WWDC kick-off:

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft apologizes to Open Source Initiative for policy violation

Heather Clancy: Best Buy will take it back. For free. In some places.

Dana Blankenhorn: Healthline launches ad network

Boy Genius Report: BlackBerry Thunder live shot, damn we're good!

Dennis Howlett: Enterprise 2.0: my week ahead

Matthew Miller: HTC's Teeter shows off how physical feedback can immerse you in a game

Nate McFeters: Black Hat Vegas '08: Sneak peek at some of the interesting attacks we will unveil

Garett Rogers: Google wants your help with their icon

VentureBeat: Freescale spins out its MRAM chip business

Silicon Alley Insider: Slide Says It's Done Releasing New Facebook Apps

Paul Murphy: Thinking about multicore and software

Zack Whittaker:Free Microsoft web hosting for UK students

Michael Krigsman: Amazon.com was down; service restored

GigaOm: Powerset vs. Cognition: A Semantic Search Shoot-out

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Back to Basics #1 - Cloning a hard disk. Gallery right

Christopher Dawson: I'm a dad and almost a grad...what's on my wishlist?

Larry Dignan: Icahn on Yahoo: I'd hire a 'talented and experienced' CEO

Heather Clancy: Waste not. ElectraTherm turns "waste" heat into an electricity source

Epicenter: AT&T Embraces BitTorrent, May Consider Usage-Based Pricing

News.com: A rallying cry against cyberbullying

Roland Piquepaille:Wirelessly networking cows

Gmail Labs: Users as guinea pigs

Richard Koman: Risking Another Frontline Disaster

Photos: Top 10 reviews of the week (right)

John Carroll: Programming stream of consciousness

Dana Blankenhorn: WiFi guys find hospitals a nice niche

Dan Kusnetzky:Take Four Cassatt's Active Response 5.1

MediaFuturist: Warner Music (WMG) Pulls Out Of Last.fm (CBS) - wow!

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