News to know: Linux; iPhone; Gmail; Insecure antivirus software; SAP

Notable headlines:Phil Wainewright: SaaS star leaves SAP for Salesforce.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Phil Wainewright: SaaS star leaves SAP for Salesforce.com

Garett Rogers: Your Gmail is now a lot more secure

Dancho Danchev: Approximately 800 vulnerabilities discovered in antivirus products

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Linux - Still chasing that elusive 1% market share

Ryan Naraine: Microsoft warns of 'active, targeted' ActiveX control attacks

Reviews: HP Pavilion dv6915nr; Dell Inspiron 1525 (right)

Mary Jo Foley: Might Microsoft's Midori be 'Cairo' revisited? Ed Bott: Why you'll have a long wait for Microsoft's next OS

Heather Clancy: Learning how to use 'green' and Microsoft in the same sentence

Jason O'Grady: iFixIt is traveling to New Zealand to be the first to tear down iPhone 3G

Michael Krigsman:The nightmare of buying enterprise software

Nate McFeters: C to be the next browser scripting language... wait, what?

TechRepublic: Sanity check: Is IT no longer about technology?

Mitch Ratcliffe: Demographics forging a new Net market: It's not your kids' Web

Larry Dignan: Icahn, Ballmer pair up, talk

Microhoo; Push to boot Yang and Yahoo's board

Jason Perlow: SIMORE dual SIM card -- FrankenBerry is ALIVE! Gallery (right)

Bits: One Subpoena Is All It Takes to Reveal Your Online Life

Matthew Miller: What are the alternatives to the iPhone 3G?

What's next for the MacBook Air?

Apple drops Solid State Drive price by US$400

Ryan Stewart: OpenLaszlo 4.1 relased with DHTML support

Photos: Virtual training at Fort Benning (right)

Dana Blankenhorn: Identi.ca fires pure open source against Twitter

Christopher Dawson: Vista is OK, says Ubuntu-converted teenager

Matthew Miller: A new Facebook for Windows Mobile application is l


News.com: ‘Scrabble’ on Facebook: Too little, too late

Dignan: Study: Offshore outsourcing dings customer satisfaction; Taking back office offshore ok

Photos: Top 10 newly discovered species (right)

BlackBerry Sync: BlackBerry Thunder Exclusive Shots (Meet the media player...)

Dan Kusnetzky: Microsoft's Hyper-V and Spin Marketing - the Parallels view

Andrew Nusca: Pioneer ups Blu-ray discs to 16 layers, 400GB capacity

Michael Krigsman: Daily Mail employee data stolen on laptop

Roland Piquepaille: Lemon-filled odorless socks?

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