News to know: Mashup camp; Vista ReadyBoost; Sun irrelevance

Notable headlines:Is your flash drive fast enough for Vista’s ReadyBoost?IBM net gains on software acquisitions, contracts.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Is your flash drive fast enough for Vista’s ReadyBoost?
IBM net gains on software acquisitions, contracts. Big Blue becoming big in software. Investors disappointed.

Feds out for hacker's blood

Execs: Telecommuting Holds Back Careers.

Why Microsoft should open-source SQL Server and SharePoint.
Cell phone didn't ignite California man.

At Mashup Camp, geeks plot future of Web (see pictures).
Jeremy Allison: Vista at the tipping point.
Eclipse wants you to know it has friends.
How to halve your cable/broadband bill.

Sun isn't relevant to startups.

Cognos joins AppExchange but isn’t going SaaS.
Everything is negotiable, but companies can’t negotiate.

Smart Printers, Scary Printers.

Digital archivists look to porn, Flash for tips.

Photos: Will the real iPhone stand up?

iPhone’s pseudo-HD display. iPhone = muggable? The Google Switch: an iPhone killer? My MacBook Pro Experience - Day 8.
Skype Takes Internet Communications One Step Further With New Pricing Strategy.
Attorney general mum on spy program court orders
Guidance Gooses JDSU.

MySpace.com, News Corp. sued in assault cases. MySpace Blocking Widgets?
Yahoo Expands Finance Section
Sun's 16-core Rock processor due in mid-2008.

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