News to know: Microsoft Live Search; Google 2.0; Newton's return?

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: Five take aways on Microsoft’s new Live Search. Gallery (right).
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Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: Five take aways on Microsoft’s new

Live Search. Gallery (right). Microsoft's new search guru talks strategy.

Larry Dignan: Pondering Google 2.0: How will it get to $100 billion in revenue?

Microsoft, Google square off in Washington.

Garett Rogers: Is Google ditching pagerank?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft Stealth Update and Windows XP repair don’t mix. David Berlind: Latest StorCenter NAS appliance from Iomega packs 2x500MB (1TB), RAID into $349 package. Paul Murphy: The $100 server nightmare. Christopher Dawson: $450 just bought me a sweet laptop.

Michael Krigsman: New research into IT project failures

AppleInsider: Up next for Apple: the return of the Newton. Russell Shaw: The Apple Newton? Reports say it’s coming b-a-a-a-a-ck. Matthew Miller: Will we finally see an Apple ultra-portable PC in 2008?

TUAW: Apple sends takedown to iPod hacker's ISP

Mary Jo Foley: Excel 2007 is math-challenged.
Microsoft on Excel. Coming Soon: Microsoft 2.0 the book. Odd bedfellows: Facebook and Windows Live Spaces.

Photos: Low-cost tech that meets basic needs (right).

Roland Piquepaille: Ordinary CD players to monitor our health? Dana Blankenhorn: Is open source the cure for health care? Ryan Naraine: German security shop challenges anti-hacker laws. Computerworld: The horror: 'Ghost servers' that haunt your bottom line.

Marc Wagner: OLPC revisited - a skeptics view. DEMOfall 07: New players in Web conferencing and meeting management.

Paula Rooney: Open source, Microsoft models both wrong, Simonyi said. George Ou: Europe's new 'monopoly' tariff on Microsoft bypasses WTO.

ReadWriteWeb: Yahoo! to Close Its Podcasting Site. Russell Shaw: Vonage gets a break in Verizon patent suit: monetary award vacated. New FCC numbers: most wireline, wireless rates are on a slow climb.

Privacy experts: T.J. Maxx breach was foreseeable.

Intel, Nokia team up on WiMax. Intel has ARM in its crosshairs.

Gizmodo: NBC Adds Two New Series to iTunes

. DRM troubles drive ex-Microsoft employee to Linux.

FAQ: What does the digital-TV switch actually mean? Gallery.

Jason O'Grady: .Mac performance concerns in Europe.

IBM's Booch: The developer's developer Phil Wainewright: Is conventional software built on bubble economics? Dan Kusnetzky: Can Operating Systems be Replaced by Virtual Machine Software?

Larry Dignan: Oracle vs SAP gets trial date. Sony sells 250,000 new PSPs in four days

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