News to know: Microsoft Midori; Sub $600 PCs; Dell; Neosploit; SOA

Notable headlines:Mary Jo Foley: More tech details emerge on Microsoft's 'Midori'What if Apple had conducted the 'Mojave Experiment'?

Notable headlines:

Mary Jo Foley: More tech details emerge on Microsoft's 'Midori'

Techrepublic: Windows Vista ranked most-used by only four percent of poll respondents

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Sub-$600 general purpose PC, complete with Blu-ray support.

Gallery (right)

Dell customers unhappy with BIOS band-aid for faulty NVIDIA GPUs

WSJ: Dell Tests Player to Renew iPod Battle

Dancho Danchev: The Neosploit cybercrime group abandons its web malware exploitation kit

DNS cache poisoning attacks exploited in the wild

Techdirt: AT&T Says It Will Cut Off P2P Wireless Users; But What About Pandora Users?

Jason O'Grady: 1Password iPhone app released

Vonage imports marketing mojo with new CEO

Joshua Greenbaum: Friendly Fire: SAP Flubs the Maintenance Business

Ryan Naraine: Fortify warns of configuration weaknesses in SOA deployments

Larry Dignan: HP, Intel and Yahoo team on cloud computing research

Photos: Microsoft's computer in the round

Heather Clancy: CDW: Cost still outweighs concern in green IT deployment

Michael Krigsman: IT justice: Weighing the scales of failure

Jason O'Grady: New MacBooks going glass

TechCrunch: 5% Layoffs Rumored At MySpace (Updated - MySpace Clarifies, Says Performance Driven)

Nate McFeters: Passports worth 'pound' 2.5 million stolen in van hijack

John Morris: Dell Studio Hybrid, new Inspirons reviewed

Zach Whittaker: Campaign to abolish crapware

Matthew Miller: Palm announces that over 2 million Centros have now been sold

Image Gallery: A look at the MWg Zinc II Windows Mobile device (right)

GigaOm: BT Buys Ribbit for $105 Million Ryan Stewart: Better RIAs from the Ribbit-BT Acquisition

Deb Perelman: Do techies think their field is worse than it is?

Janice Chen: Pentax announces 10 megapixel digital camera for $140

Hot Hardware: VIA Nano L2100 vs. Intel Atom 230: Head to Head

The curse of the BlackBerry

Paul Miller: Venturing into Semantic Technologies?

Dana Gardner: IBM's 'grammar checker' catches code gotchas and errors in the early development process

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Foxconn owns up to dodgy BIOS crippling Linux

Phil Wainewright: Serena Software's dash to SaaS

Larry Dignan: Boo hoo: Pickens took a loss on Yahoo

Dana Blankenhorn: Are India and China taking over open source?

Andrew Nusca: Report leaked: 23 (yes, 23) Eee PC models in the pipeline

Dana Blankenhorn: The real end game in home automation

Roland Piquepaille: Can light drive a motor?

Matthew Miller: World Wide Web Consortium publishes updated mobile standards

Steve O'Hear: Powering Facebook's proverbial brain: your Identity, Social Graph, and Lifestream data

Wanted: New Alcatel-Lucent leaders to fix merger debacle