News to know: Netflix; Google Health; Storm Worm; Fixing Vista

Notable headlines:Dancho Danchev: The Storm Worm would love to infect youMary Jo Foley: Windows 7: The information lockdown continuesMicrosoft releases Virtual PC 2007 SP1Microsoft: Half of Exchange inboxes to be Microsoft-hosted in five yearsBallmer egged in Look out, Apple TV: The $100 Netflix Player has arrivedEd Bott: Fixing Windows Vista, Part 4: Get smart about services.

Notable headlines:

Dancho Danchev: The Storm Worm would love to infect you

Mary Jo Foley: Windows 7: The information lockdown continues Look out, Apple TV: The $100 Netflix Player has arrived

Ed Bott: Fixing Windows Vista, Part 4: Get smart about servic


Gallery: Taming and tweaking Windows Vista Services (right)

Larry Dignan: Google Health launches; Read the terms of service.

Josh Taylor: The worst shopping experience on the web?

Dancho Danchev: Fast-Fluxing SQL injection attacks executed from the Asprox botnet Ryan Naraine: Zoho Writer flaw highlights disclosure problem in Web 2.0 world

Dan Kusnetzky: Citrix Synergy Announcements

Heather Clancy: Some brief info about Sun's latest shade of green blades and servers

Christopher Dawson: Should Sugar be put out to pasture? Paul Murphy: RIP OLPC

Dennis Howlett: SAP: build to flip? Phil Wainewright: Is BBD hoist by SAP's on-premise petard? Google execs stew over Microsoft response

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Anyone ripped their entire DVD collection?

Oliver Marks: Topography, roadmaps and directions

ReadWriteWeb: Wikis Are Now Serious Business

IT Dojo: Five services you can turn off in Windows XP

John Morris: Samsung: OLED laptop in '09? AMD announces new PC gaming push Andrew Nusca: JVC unveils new camcorder that uploads directly to YouTube

AU Optronics unveils curved LCD

Microsoft: Doing Facebook, Yahoo search two-step to set up Google showdown? Steve O'Hear: After Google calls Facebook's bluff, Zuckerberg says "let's see if there's a way to make it work" [data portability]

Roland Piquepaille: Nanorobots to improve health care

Reuters: SEC Charges 8 Ex-AOL Time Warner Executives Comcast invests in P2P start-up

Harry Fuller: That veggie oil car could get you into trouble in US

Dan Kusnetzky: Neocleus - A different take on desktop virtualization

Dana Gardner: Panda Security delivers cloud-based security management service for SMBs

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Why I called Mozilla's change to the Firefox install process "sneaky"

Apple 2.0: Report: Apple's market share of PCs over $1,000 hits 66%

Dana Blankenhorn: What IBM rice study may teach us about people

Richard Koman: Telescopes and teapots the new frontier in high-tech spying

Matthew Miller: Mobile software Monday: Opera Mobile 9.5 Gallery (right). EA losing its credibility on Take-Two offer extensions

AOL Bebo-tizes its social properties; Forms People Networks unit

NYT: After Forays With ABC and HBO, a Video Blogger Returns to Video Blogging

Dell names new CFO