News to know: Office 2007 exploit; Microsoft patent verdict; Black iMac?

Notable headlines:  Ryan Naraine: eEye spies first MS Office 2007 remote exploit. Yet another ‘critical’ Firefox flaw.

Notable headlines:  

Ryan Naraine: eEye spies first MS Office 2007 remote exploit. Yet another ‘critical’ Firefox flaw.

MacScoop: Tons of Mac hardware releases for Q2, black iMac on the way?

Microsoft hit with $1.5 billion patent verdict.

Sun outpaces 2006 growth in server market.

Mass. bill wants stores to pay more in data breaches.

ArsTechnica: Skype asks FCC to open up cellular networks.

Washington Post: In China, Stern Treatment For Young Internet 'Addicts.'

Google Office coverage:

Larry Dignan: Read the fine print of Google Office. Images (right).

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft: Who’s afraid of big, bad Google?

Donna Bogatin: Google Apps for Enterprise: Next

Phil Wainewright: Come on down, Google Apps, the price is right. Your data: safe in your hands?

Google Office blog focus. Techmeme discussion.

CIO Sessions: Harnessing wireless wagering at the Kentucky Derby.

Steve O'Hear: LinkedInABox: a LinkedIn widget.

jkOnTheRun: Microsoft announces more Digital Readers, but why?

Chris Dawson: Should I have bought those Macs?

AP: Hitachi Shows Off Powder-Sized Smart Tag. Dan Farber: RFID sensor technology–not ready for prime time.

Ryan Stewart:
How Adobe started winning developers.

Wired: RIAA
Fights Back, Threatens Open Wi-Fi.

VentureBeat: Traffic measuring continued: Why Compete doesn’t work, and why Quantcast does.

Reuters: BEA says 4th-quarter revenue up 15 percent.

Computerworld: Apple TKOs Cisco in iPhone bout, analysts say. David Berlind: Apple’s Jobs a hypnotizer? More like a hypocrite.

High-end Canon SLR counters Nikon. Images (right).

Mitch Ratcliffe: The Great Vista/Mac Showdown: Goodbye, WinRot. Intuit Beats Estimates.

The IT Manager's Essential Guide to India.

Joshua Greenbaum: Racing for The Cliff — and The Looming Competitive Market.

: Border security virtual fence costs questioned.

Dana Blankenhorn:
Would Sugar under Windows be as sweet?