News to know: OLPC; Android spat? Live Documents; Apple; Old software never dies

Notable headlines:Larry Dignan: OLPC: How do we gauge success? Will 490,000 units do?
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Larry Dignan: OLPC: How do we gauge success? Will 490,000 units do? Christopher Dawson: OLPC on sale through 31 December.

Ed Burnette: Sun/Google Android "fight" overblown. Garett Rogers: Is the $10 million Android contest actually slowing developers down?

Rich Mogull: How desktop virtualization will save your company from Generation Y. Nate McFeters: Finding and exploiting holes in software features.

Dan Farber: Live Documents enters the Office suite ring. Where in the world is Ray Ozzie?

Photos: Your very own video arcade in a single cabinet (right).

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The BIG iPod touch review.

David Morgenstern: Leopard's Time Machine: Consider the 'bad and ugly' side of storage. Jason O'Grady: Kensington MicroSaver lock defeated with a penny. Gift Guide: XtremeMac XtremeHD 4-Port HDMI Switcher.

Tom's Guide: Update: More Leopard Problems Plague Apple

AP: Wary online retailers step up offers.

Security chief asks Saudis to monitor Internet use.

Techmeme: Flap over Facebook users and their data.

Tom Foremski: What is the meaning of meaning based computing?

Dana Blankenhorn: Where's the big money in open source?

Top 10 reviews of the week (right).

Garett Rogers: JotSpot to replace Google Pages soon? Google updates presentation application, still falls short.

Heather Clancy: Turning HP printers into hip flower pots. Software for tracking corporate greenhouse emissions. Harry Fuller: Heat in a cold climate. Chritsmas trees are always green, but.

eWeek: Web Traffic Snarls Sites on Black Friday

Roland Piquepaille: An EEG-controlled robotic arm. A light-powered toothbrush?

Joe McKendrick: Leading consultant takes a swipe at Oracle's Big Bang approach. Michael Krigsman: Agile development, early warning, Darwin, and failure. Measuring SOA success.

"Old software never dies"

David Berlind: How Microsoft could save businesses time & money when it comes to patching Windows. 12 spam research projects that WON'T make a difference.

Tom Foremski: Russian Innovators Don't Trust Russian VCs.

Robert Scoble: One week Kindle review.

Dana Blankenhorn: Just how bad are medical records? A real medical tricorder.

Photos: A brief history of stealth aircraft. Phil Windley: The fine line between advertising and recommendations. Google U.S. Web search share jumps to 58.5 percent.

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