News to know: Oracle DB rootkits; 5th Word zero-day; Microsoft pay as you go

Notable headlines:Security is front and center: A fifth MS Word zero-day? Oracle DB rootkit for sale in exploit pack.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

Security is front and center:

A fifth MS Word zero-day?
Oracle DB rootkit for sale in exploit pack.

Vista Speech Command exposes remote exploit.

Hacker finds chink in Microsoft’s anti-piracy armor.

Oracle Unlimited and Fusion Futures.

Googleamps up its Mini search appliance. Expectations high for Google earnings. Google's Bosworth: Why AJAX Failed (Then Succeeded).

Microsoft quietly tests a new ‘pay-as-you-go’ rental scheme for Office
PayPerPost to launch disclosure badges, new tools; targets top 100 bloggers. Power blogging 101. Web 2.0’s legacy: The startup Petri dish.
SanDisk to make USB security push. Sandisk earnings fall.

Mainstream Media Usage of Web 2.0 Services is Increasing.

Vista launches, but are people buying? Apparently not in San Francisco or elsewhere. Techmeme discussion.
Windows Vista’s three killer features. Images.
Experts: Don't buy Vista for the security.

Photos: Vista Launch NYC

 Everything You Wanted to Know About Vista's SideShow.

News focus. Blog focus. Pictures.

Is Google vulnerable? Four CEOs say so
Large organizations embrace on-demand - and not just CRM.
Little Juice From Juniper.
Apple's 802.11n software now available. iPod Shuffle gets the color treatment. The first orange iPod.

3 Reasons Why Snap Preview is Ruining Your Blog, and Hurting Your Readership.
Yahoo! Search Marketing More Broke Than Ever.
Sony Sees Gaming Losses Growing in 2007
One Laptop per Childa new perspective.

Q&A: Wufoo’s Hale shows good (Web 2.0) form.
YouTube on the campaign trail.

First look at Zoho notebook.

Vermont agency warns 70,000 of possible data compromise.
Love your iPod - iPod protection
Intel ups server share, but AMD wins in PCs.
IBM tunes up for Jazz open-source project

4Q Profit Slips, Sees 1Q Miss.

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