News to know: PC satisfaction; Nokia batteries; VMware IPO; Flash VOIP

Notable headlines:Customer satisfaction down among PC buyers.Nokia announces product advisory for BL-5C battery.
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Notable headlines:

Customer satisfaction down among PC buyers.

Nokia announces product advisory for BL-5C battery.

AP: VMware prices IPO at $29.

Ed Bott: The Vista RAM puzzle: Is 2GB enough?

Larry Dignan: Classmates files for $125 million IPO.

Ryan Stewart: Flash based VOIP is finally here.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Shared Source licenses are now in OSI’s hands. New roles for old Softies, as Microsoft-aQuantive dust settles. A (Microsoft) Code Name a Day: Greenland. Vista SP1--the first reviews are in.

Microsoft closes $6 billion Aquantive buy.

Photos: Shuttle suffers gouge out of heat shield (right).

David Berlind: ZDNet deputy tester (lawyer) reviews Microsoft’s LifeCam NX-6000 Webcam.

Ryan Naraine: Exploits, security tools disappear as German anti-hacker law takes effect. Richard Stiennon: Where is security going?

Can you really trust your security vendor?

Ed Burnette: BEA runs Java on bare (virtual) metal.

Christopher Dawson: 1:1 computing...Can it be justified? More web design goodies for your students.

David Berlind: To simplify software's access to multicore parallelism, AMD proposes new x86 spec. Will Intel accept?

Dan Kusnetzky: Novell updates Orchestrator. Paul Murphy: Mainframe Linux.


Computerworld: Chip, Heal Thyself.

Larry Dignan: HP, Dell expected to benefit from cheaper parts.

A seismic shift for San Francisco Bay Bridge. Photos (right): A Bay Bridge for all seasons.

Techmeme: ISP warns BBC over iPlayer service.

David Berlind: The workaround that pipes Facebook status entries into a Twitter feed.

Matthew Miller: Will the HTC Shift become the ultimate mobile productivity device?

Joe McKendrick: How do we really know when SOA ‘fails’? Michael Krigsman: SOA: "Failure by obscurity." UK National Identity Scheme (NIS): "Costly white elephant." Five ways to destroy a software implementation.

Dana Blankenhorn: Today’s Debate: Entrepreneurs a threat or boon to health care?

Steve O'Hear: "I am an A-list blogger"; bmindful, a social network for positive affirmation users.

Larry Dignan: Firefox 3 has revamped download manager.

Ryan Naraine: Kaspersky Lab eyes IPO, acquisitions. Review: Philips GoGear SA6015 (1GB at right). Dana Gardner: Red Hat beta release of Developer Studio sports Exadel tools, Seam integration.

GigaOm: Skype on iPhone. No, seriously.

How search engines rate on privacy.

Australia's porn-blocking plan unveiled.

New CEO enters as Qwest faces stiff competition.

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