News to know: QuickTime bugs; eBay's UI; Intel's document lapse

Notable headlines:IBM sees green in environmental tech.Ryan Naraine: Serious QuickTime bugs bite Windows Vista, Mac OS X.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Notable headlines:

IBM sees green in environmental tech.
Ryan Naraine: Serious QuickTime bugs bite Windows Vista, Mac OS X.

Microsoft patches Xbox 360.

David Berlind: eBay’s Chief Disruption Officer: UI to eBay’s “commerce operating system” could be left to others. Gallery (right).
Financial Times: Microsoft attacks Google on copyright. Andrew Keen: Can YouTube survive till next week? Techmeme discussion.
Intel admits lapse in document preservation. John Spooner: Warning signals tough going for AMD.
CIO:  Outsourcing: The War on Benchmarking.
Ed Burnette: Krugle Eclipse puts 1.5 billion lines of code at your fingertips.
Jason O'Grady: Migrate your iTunes library off your local hard drive.
PC Mag: Microsoft's OneCare Finishes Last in Antivirus Tests.
Netscape: The rebirth of My.Netscape.com.
IT pros battle clock and code in time change.
Donna Bogatin interviews Mpire CEO Matt Hulett.
Larry Dignan: Intel won’t upgrade to Vista until SP1.
Richard MacManus: Yahoo Mixd Closes - Peanut Butter Manifesto in Action?
Photos: Soiree raises funds to boost science breakthroughs (right).
Joe McKendrick: Is SOA Software as a Service, delivered internally?
Computerworld: Memo: Microsoft threatened to shut down Mac Office.
Russell Shaw: Porn again: adult content’s big broadband problem you never hear about. Why don’t our cell phones have call timers, better Bluetooth? Here’s why.
McAfee gets fourth CEO in six years.

Go away Henry Blodget.

Mary Jo Foley: Windows Live VP confirms his ‘impending retirement.’
Donna Bogatin: Google Search: Is PageRank reliable? Web 2.0: Are Cisco, News Corp., Viacom, Gannett really clueless? Dan Farber: Social networking cha cha and the land grab.

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