News to know: RealPlayer flaw; Wireless speakers; Ubuntu installation; Amazon's EC2

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: IE users beware: RealPlayer zero-day flaw under attack. Mozilla plugs 10 more Firefox holes.

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine:IE users beware: RealPlayer zero-day flaw under attack. Mozilla plugs 10 more Firefox holes.

Heather Clancy: Green business backlash: We could see this coming. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Ubuntu 7.10 - Installation walk-through. Gallery. Christopher Dawson: Microsoft matters less every 6 months. Garett Rogers: Google tries to turn out the lights in San Francisco. Google playing angles to make Facebook deal?

Tokyo soccer robots don't quite have Becks appeal. Russell Shaw: Experienced Skype user: the way Skype handles trouble tix is "total and utter disgrace".

Don't like Net Neutrality? What about "Structural Separation?"

Paul Murphy: Aix vs Solaris (3)

Wireless speakers: Sound at last? Photos: Cutting the speaker cord.

Michael Krigsman: Psychopathic IT projects: a five-point checklist.

Larry Dignan: On-demand software squared: Coupa launches SaaS e-procurement system running on Amazon's EC2 service.

Computerworld: The iPod Touch: A business tool.

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Live Labs rolls out list-sharing tool. Stripped-down 'MinWin' kernel to be at the core of Windows 7 and more. The New York Times: The Google way: Give engineers room.

Ed Bott: The RIAA versus us: a file-sharing standoff.

Vonage sued by AT&T for patent infringement. Russell Shaw: Here we go again: AT&T files patent infringement suit against Vonage. Here's the Patent

AT&T is suing Vonage over.

Photos: Feting the best ideas in design (right).

George Ou: Western Digital 'GreenPower" drive halves power consumption. Valleywag: NBC pulls YouTube channel.

Joe McKendrick: Too many companies burden developers with SOA security.

Richard Stiennon: DHS has some house keeping to do. David Berlind: Windows Home Server fan club beats me up for asking if WHS is Microsoft's next flop. Dana Blankenhorn: Too late to define an Internet service mark?

TorrentFreak: How to bypass Comcast's BitTorrent Throttling. Paula Rooney: Acacia denies patent claim is an attack on open source, denies any Microsoft role.

Dan Farber: The Semantic wedge: Freebase, Powerset and Twine. AT&T's Randall Stephenson: Don't dork up the rules.

Analyst: Social networking faces uncertain future. Tom Foremski: Did GOOG beat estimates by shortchanging publishing partners? Easy Facebook apps with Microsoft's PopFly. Saving Silicon Valley stories. Dana Gardner: Sun to swap out ME for SE on mobile devices -- high risk alert!