News to know: Safari 4, HP, Gmail outage, Ballmer's bets, SaaS adoption

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.

Here are today’s notable headlines. You can get News To Know via email alert and RSS daily.  For continuous updates see BNET’s around-the-Web tech coverage.

Safari 4 coverage:

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Safari 4 - This is one fast browser!

Tom Foremski: HP and Sun expand partnership...what about a merger?

Christopher Dawson: Will Gmail's outage make me think twice about:  Edu Apps?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft's Ballmer outlines his seven big bets for 2009

Larry Dignan: Forrester: SaaS adoption up, but hurdles remain

Sean Portnoy: Computer-in-a-plug platform looks to shrink network-connected devices

Harry Fuller: Wind and wildlife: co-existence or conflict?

Sean Portnoy: Cable, satellite companies look to bring TV programming online. Believe the hype?

Harry Fuller: Government doings: water, climate

Chris Jablonski: Doors that 'revolutionize' power generation

Mary Jo Foley: Google seeks to join Internet Explorer antitrust complaint

Ryan Naraine: Unofficial 'patch' for Adobe Reader, Acrobat zero-day

Mary Jo Foley: What's Microsoft thinking with Windows Mobile?

Dana Blankenhorn: The health ID piranhas attack

CIO Session: Dan Darling, Turner Broadcasting System
Adam O'Donnell: Microsoft confirms 0-day in Excel, expands list of vulnerable systems

David Morgenstern: Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs

Mike Rothman: Will the real [Breach X] please stand up?

Paula Rooney: Red Hat's KVM play should give Citrix and VMware pause

Christopher Dawson: Free antenna experiment...any takers?

Dana Blankenhorn: The health IT piranhas attack

Mary Jo Foley: How the Red Dog dream team built a cloud OS from scratch

Larry Dignan: VMware demos cloud OS; Touts private cloud computing

Dana Blankenhorn: Ingres-Alfresco get into ring with Microsoft SharePoint

Dana Gardner: Enterprise IT architecture advocacy groups merge to promote wider standards adoption and global member services reach

Paula Rooney: Progress' open source FUSE ESB makes gains in recession

Larry Dignan: Motorola dishes off Good Technology to Visto

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Hardware 2.0 'Very Best Kit List' for Mar/Apr 09

Joe McKendrick: SOA and information tech 2009: a year of extreme focus

Dana Blankenhorn: Red Hat virtualization friend of the little guy

Harry Fuller: Climate change: less could mean more. That's not good

Andrew Nusca: Will Facebook 'infantilize' the human mind?

Matthew Miller: imeem Mobile for the G1 adds ability to serve up your own music collection

Dana Blankenhorn: Ubuntu allies with Amazon and Dell

Larry Dignan: Micron: We're cutting as many as 2,000 workers in Boise

Matthew Miller: Pantech Matrix Pro available from AT&T

Dan Kusnetzky: Parallels' Serguei Beloussov speaks out on free XenServer

Jason Hiner: Sanity check: State of the IT profession 2009

Dennis Howlett: Agresso banks record year