News to know: Salesforce, Microsoft, HP earnings, Google Buzz, Palm

The private beta launch of Salesforce Chatter and HP earnings top today's headlines
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Larry Dignan: Salesforce launches private beta of Chatter

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft announces more plug-ins, releases second Outlook Social Connector beta

Larry Dignan: HP earnings: Strong first quarter results, 2010 outlook

Doug Hanchard: Google Buzz: Electronic Privacy Information Center files complaint with FTC

Sam Diaz: Google Buzz: Privacy concerns grab gov't attention, hint at desperation

Larry Dignan: Palm Pre Plus shines in productivity, mobile WiFi

Rachel King: Gobandit rugged HD digital camcorder packs GPS, ready for extreme sports

Andrew Nusca: URL typos earn Google $497 million per year, study says

Rachel King: VoxOx debuts Universal Translator in real-time for SMS, email and social media

Mary Jo Foley: In other non-phone related Microsoft news...

Matthew Miller: Review: Sony Reader Daily Edition premium ebook reader

CNET: Google donates $2 million to Wikimedia

Jennifer Leggio: Please Rob Me: Ethical or not? [poll]

Rachel King: Volvo developing touchscreen backseat entertainment system

Jason D. O'Grady: MWSF10: O'Grady's Best in Show

Dana Gardner: Seeing a golden lining around efficiency, HP expands cloud consulting services portfolio

CNET: Olympic skier Begg-Smith known as 'spam king'

Ryan Naraine: Core Impact + Metasploit highlights pen-test market maturation

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: CPUs - New vs Old

Brian Sommer: The scary side of freelancing: the inadvertent freelancer

Heather Clancy: Zamboni to the rescue after electric ice groom shortcircuits

CNET: Microsoft probes possible privacy snafu

Dana Blankenhorn: Pushback begins against robotic surgery

Larry Dignan: Technology budgets 2010: Maintenance gobbles up software spending; SMBs shun cloud

Rachel King: LG unveils 'Skinny Frame' HD plasma HDTVs in Korea

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Pwn2Own 2010 - Which browser will be the first to crack?

Dana Blankenhorn: Is open source still a recruitment tool?

Heather Clancy: Another case of virtualization's green IT side effect

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The slow demise of the printer

Dan Kusnetzky: Parallels, GoDaddy and Parallels Small Business Panel

Rachel King: Buffalo Kokuyo debuts USB 3.0 hub with four ports, costs $89

Sam Diaz:Can Dell school Washington on how to break down inefficiencies?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: AMD delivers Catalyst 10.2 drivers

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