News to know: Sony rootkit redux; Oracle SaaS; Cracking open the Wii

Notable headlines: Ryan Naraine: Rootkit-like behavior found on Sony fingerprint reader.Firefox or IE?
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Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Rootkit-like behavior found on Sony fingerprint reader.

Firefox or IE? Strange answer to security question. Galleries: How to use Internet Explorer and Firefox securely.

Phil Wainewright: Oracle's misconceived SaaS strategy.

Yahoo files to dismiss China human rights suit

Mary Jo Foley: New Microsoft-commissioned studies are busting out all over. (Microsoft) Code name a day: Stirling.

Robin Harris: Hybrid drives: not so fast!

Photos: Cracking open the Wii

Heather Clancy Collins: A tech-age "woodie" in USB form

Dion Hinchcliffe: A checkpoint on Web 2.0 in the enterprise, Part 2 David Morgenstern: Think twice about tweaking Mac hardware from Windows

Acer seizes opening with Gateway

Dennis Howlett: More Facebook app ideas for business. Facebook Developers: Change is coming.

Digg: New home page live today

Information Week: IBM Server Worth $1.4 Million Falls Off Forklift

LiveScribe's pen computer delayed to '08 Dan Farber: SugarCRM releases new version and talks IPO. Dana Blankenhorn: Why SugarCRM made peace

GigaOm: Google Phone An Attempt To Take On $100 PC?

Alcatel-Lucent builds 'first' German WiMax network. Sprint, Samsung boost their bet on WiMax.

Hollywood's copyright enforcer

AppleInsider: Leopard interface tweaks continue in latest builds

TorrentSpy shuts down in the U.S.

Coming to grips with the iPhone's design

Computerworld: ISPs to rural America: Live with dial-up

Separating fact from fiction on digital copyrights

Nuking cancer cells with alpha particles?

Visiting the San Francisco Bay in a warehouse. Gallery (right).

Steve O'Hear: "Appmrkt" wants to be the eBay for Facebook apps

Matthew Miller: Nokia announces stand-alone GPS system and mobile accessory upgrades

Russell Shaw: Prediction: Sooner or later, Google will buy Twitter

Larry Dignan: Business intelligence: The next frontier

Dana Blankenhorn: Today's Debate: Is the Medical Banking Project worthwhile?

Computerworld: Facebook users resisting Wal-Mart's latest Web 2.0 endeavor

Ars Technica: NFL to stream live games over the Internet

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