News to know: Verizon-Skype, Google-telecoms, Windows Phone 7; RIM; Sony

Today's top headlines include the launch of Skype on Verizon and the relationship between Google and the telcos.

News to know: Here are today's notable headlines. You can get News to Know via email alert and RSS daily. For continuous updates are BNET's around-the-Web tech coverage:

Jason Hiner: Verizon, Skype will launch Skype Mobile in March

Tom Foremski: Wireless Telcos fear Google will turn them into 'dumb pipes' - they will hit back

Mary Jo Foley: Beyond Windows Phone 7: More on other pieces of Microsoft's mobile portfolio

Matthew Miller: MWC 2010: RIM introduces free BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express

Matthew Miller: MWC 2010: HTC announces two Google Android and one Windows Mobile device

Tom Foremski: The economics of a free iPad...

Christopher Dawson: 100Mbps to the home? How about to schools instead?

Garett Rogers: Ditching Firefox for Google Chrome not an option?

Jason D. O'Grady: NBC Olympics app is worthy of a gold medal

Larry Dignan: Redbox, Warner Bros. cut deal, end lawsuit

Sean Portnoy: MSI releases four new budget laptops, including Blu-ray model for $699.99

Rachel King: Five concept gadgets that are just ridiculous

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: A difficult future for Firefox

Robin Harris: Driverless eSATA cards: worth the wait?

Jennifer Leggio: Solis, Needleman make a visit to the Quick'n'Dirty

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Hackers "fix" XP BSoD rootkit

Ryan Naraine: Adobe plugs more gaping holes in PDF Reader

Zack Whittaker: Are we ready to go fully 64-bit yet

Jason Perlow: Smartphone Evolution 2.0: Who's the biggest loser?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Apple kicks off MacBook repair extension program

Heather Clancy: New free database covers e-waste rules and other IT asset disposal regulations

Sean Portnoy: Sony's Dash Personal Internet Viewer will stream Netflix videos. Should the iPad be worried?

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft Live ID authentication problems hit users across the Web

ZDNet UK: Opera for iPhone runs 'six times' faster than Safari

Mary Jo Foley: More Microsoft IE 9 info coming at Mix 2010

Dana Blankenhorn: Is commercial first a fair compromise

Jason D. O'Grady: Steve Jobs' sneakiest statements

Mary Jo Foley: Add 'Denali' to the Microsoft SQL Server roadmap

The future of...thermostats

Sam Diaz: Yoono brings order to the chaos of social media

Christopher Dawson: Go ahead, kids...bash those teachers on Facebook!

Forrester: EMC and FatWire finally get together - but perhaps not as expected

Phil Wainewright: SAP's Vishal Sikka on SaaS

Dana Gardner: HP 'trims' SharePoint web document management risks, builds advanced workflow tools

Michael Krigsman: IT failure? Blame your CEO.

Tom Foremski: What the diamond industry had in common with the news industry...

Brian Sommer: Career success in today's businesses

Dana Gardner: Electric Cloud updates software production offerings with parallelization features

Ryan Naraine: Pwn2Own 2010: Bulls-eye on smartphones, browsers

Doug Hanchard: US Strategic Command recognizes cyber security challenges

Heather Clancy: For insight about potential cloud data center energy challenges, take a page from the telcos

Andrew Nusca: RIM debuts new BlackBerry browser, BES Express for SMBs

Dana Blankenhorn: Could WiFi become Google's mobile checkmate

Dancho Danchev: Report: Malicious PDF files comprised 80 percent of all exploits for 2009

CNET: Bicycle racer charged with computer hacking

Dana Blankenhorn: Medpedia takes the next step forward with clinical trials

Sam Diaz: Alcatel-Lucent expands toolset for third-party app developers

Dan Kusnetzky: What is "Big Data?"

Dana Blankenhorn: Mobility is a mixed source world

Larry Dignan: Can Staples be your IT department?

Smart Planet: Yahoo makes Web surfing easier for the disabled


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