News to know: Wither desktop OS; Mozilla naps on flaw; iPhone stats due; YouTube politics

Notable headlines:David Berlind: By 2010, will Windows ‘Seven’ (or any desktop OS) really matter? Mary Jo Foley: Drawing more Microsoft roadmaps.

Notable headlines:

David Berlind: By 2010, will Windows ‘Seven’ (or any desktop OS) really matter? Mary Jo Foley: Drawing more Microsoft roadmapsRyan Stewart: The desktop OS will still matter, just not which one. Techmeme.

Ryan Naraine: Mozilla caught napping on URL protocol handling flaw.

Larry Dignan: Apple's third quarter: All eyes on the iPhone. Jason O'Grady: First iPhone eBay application certified. Garett Rogers: iSearch: Google's iPhone search engine. Huge iPhone fees juice Apple.

YouTube video debate actually worked.

Larry Dignan: HP takes out Opsware for $1.6 billion; Andreessen scores. Marc Andreessen: HP buys my company Opsware for more than $1.6 billion in cash. Dana Gardner: HP's Opsware buy highlights burgeoning role of 'management.' HP opens wallet for software business.

Review (left): HP Pavilion dv2500t (Core 2 Duo 2GHz, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD).

John Lam: A first look at IronRuby. Ryan Stewart: IronRuby pre-alpha release available.

Paul Murphy: What really drives PC churn?

Tom Foremski: Churchill Club: CIOs say budgets are up, hiring is up, outsourcing is up.

George Ou: Intel Quad Core CPU drops below $280

Jaxtr overseas call service doubles users in month.

Computerworld: Pakistan's offshore IT potential held back by political risks.

Larry Dignan: Now showing: Blockbuster squeezes Netflix. Techmeme. Will Amazon see Christmas in July?

Why do humans walk on two legs? To save energy. Images: Humans vs. Chimps at the gym (right).

Ars Technica/Open.Ended: The unforking of KDE's KHTML and Webkit. Infoworld: Why Microsoft should buy Red Hat.

David Berlind: Mashup culture shatters crusty, stodgy old approach to business app dev.

Ryan Naraine: CEO out in Core Security shake-up.

Larry Dignan: 3G: Are we there yet? MarketWatch: TI posts lower pr

ofit, sales amid weaker demand.

Joshua Greenbaum: SaaS Goes IPO (again): SuccessFactors Files, and Now the Questions Begin. Ryan Stewart: Extending and SOA with rich internet applications.

Russell Shaw: Research firm: facilities move most common enterprise VoIP "trigger"

Dana Gardner: SOA will fold into general enterprise architecture, Linthicum tells Open Group crowd. Dennis Howlett: C'mon Microsoft, don't be shy.

Photos: The world's tallest building (right).

On antitrust, is Google the next Microsoft?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Did anyone really expect the iPhone NOT to have a serious security vulnerability?


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