News to know: Working with Android; XP activation; Google Talk woe; Apple

Notable headlines:Ed Burnette: Getting started with AndroidEd Bott: Microsoft to relax XP activation rules with SP3Mary Jo Foley: There's still a lot of life left in desktop office suite. Microsoft releases CRM 4.
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Notable headlines:

Ed Burnette: Getting started with Android

Ed Bott: Microsoft to relax XP activation rules with SP3

Mary Jo Foley: There's still a lot of life left in desktop office suite. Microsoft releases CRM 4.0 to manufacturing just under the wire

Garett Rogers: New version of the Google Talk client disables voicemail and more

Dana Blankenhorn: Spam a bigger concern than network neutrality

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Companies and products to keep an eye on in 2008

New York Times: Google gets ready to rumble with Microsoft. Dan Farber: Google vs. Microsoft = Search + Apps

Ryan Naraine: Apple updates 'critical' Java runtime. HP confirms gaping backdoor on 82 laptop models.

Photos: Art of the printer cartridge refill.

Mary Jo Foley: Opera: Setting the record straight on Microsoft and Web standards. Mobile browser based on Microsoft tech makes its beta debut.

Heather Clancy: Bragging rights: Chicago emerges as green data center powerhouse

Mozilla Labs: Personas for Firefox.

George Ou: SPEC launches standardized energy efficiency benchmark

NYT: On Facebook, scholars hook up with data.

Michael Krigsman: Twitter / T-Mobile: when policy meets technology

Janice Chen: What the heck is the difference among all those Canon ELPHs anyway? Top 10 reviews of the week. Does GM now mean 'green motors'?

Gallery right.

Google Operating System: Google Profiles are coming.

Phil Windley: Economics that are impossible to stop

Russell Shaw: System-wide Vonage outages reported Fri. evening, Sat. a.m. Nortel sues Vonage for patent infringement

Christopher Dawson: Resistance is futile...I want to buy a Mac

Torvalds: Linux to make dent in smartphones in '08

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: Microsoft goes on a Christmas Xbox Live banning spree - Unmodded Xboxes caught in crossfire

Survey: People skills valued over those for IT

Larry Dignan: Amazon rolls out beta of its cloud database. Google Knol: Wikipedia killer or knowledge management app?

Celebrating 60 years of transistors.

Photos: The transistor turns 60.

Rockin' titles boost game industry in '07

Companies warned not to rush into social networking

Ryan Stewart: Natural experiences with software

Roland Piquepaille: Oil-eating microbes produce green energy

Beyond iPhone, gadgets led year's mobile developments

Robert Scoble: Celebrating 7 years of blogging.

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