News to know: Yahoo and Zimbra; Google Presentations; Data corruption

Notable headlines:Dan Farber: Yahoo scoops up Zimbra for $350 million. Larry Dignan: With Zimbra, Yahoo Office is a possibility.

Notable headlines:

Dan Farber: Yahoo scoops up Zimbra for $350 million. Larry Dignan: With Zimbra, Yahoo Office is a possibility. Techmeme. Google: Our feature presentation.

Heather Clancy: How much midnight oil do PCs really burn?

Jason O'Grady: Review: Apple’s new keyboards (Verdict: Atrocious). David Morgenstern: A Mac-eye view of Microsoft's EU defeat.

Robin Harris: Data corruption is worse than you know. Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft to add new commerce functionality to Office Live. Microsoft to provide Facebook-Toolkit-like add-on. Adobe buoyed by Creative Suite 3.

Jeremy Allison: Insanity and the standards process.

Photos: Camera makers bring niches into focus (right).

Michael Krigsman: Can SAP learn to speak SME with A1S?

WSJ: Free IBM software is a bid to challenge Microsoft Office.

Dan Farber: Facebook investors start $10 million fund for developers.

Ed Burnette: AMD launches unusual triple-core Phenom.

Christopher Dawson: OpenOffice 2.3 released.

Techmeme: TechCrunch 40 coverage. Dan Farber: Cubic Telecom launches global phone. Cake Financial leverages wisdom of the crowd for investing. Denise Howell: IP and the user generated economy at TechCrunch40. Ryan Stewart: Helping Web 2.0 grow up with RIA technology. Rich Internet application job trends and salaries. Dana Blankenhorn: Who should control the medical record database? Intel on lookout for next big thing. Adrian Kingsley-Hughes: The trouble with mid-range graphics cards - they're not mid-range.

Dana Gardner: Survey uncovers heightening reliance on search across business purchasing.

David Berlind: Open letter to e-mail vendors: Your spam fix doesn't work. Time for a complete redo? Dan Farber: Dreamforce 07: Salesforce rolls out Visualforce. Phil Wainewright: and the Force family name. Dennis Howlett: CODA slated as's financials app partner.

How SOA hits home: Five ways SOA makes a difference. VMware shares secrets in security drive.

Garett Rogers: GDrive developer left Google for Facebo


Russell Shaw: Reader Reid: I can still log on to my SunRocket account and do stuff!

Larry Dignan: Sprint launches in home network booster.

Russell Shaw: It's hard out there for a Sprint (BlackBerry customer). Images: Looking back at Microsoft Word Easter Eggs (right). Heather Clancy: Firefly: Time to get the lead out.

Virtualization homes in on desktops.

Apple's iPhone can only help rivals in Europe. O2 agrees to U.K. revenue-sharing deal for iPhone. Deutsche Telekom to buy SunCom Wireless for $1.6 billion.