News to know: Yahoo; VMware; Apple; DNS vulnerability

Notable headlines:Ryan Naraine: Vulnerability disclosure gone awry: Understanding the DNS debacleRIM ships fix for BlackBerry code execution...

Notable headlines:

Ryan Naraine: Vulnerability disclosure gone awry: Understanding the DNS debacle

Larry Dignan: Yahoo: Microhoo, Icahn drama cost us $22 million; Economy soft

Sam Diaz: VMWare reports earnings; new CEO to address analysts

Byte of Apple: The Real Issue About Steve's Health NYT: Talk of Chief's Health Weighs on Apple's Share Price Video: Apple earnings call fuels rumor mill

Jason Perlow: Do we need to wipe the slate with x86?

Joe McKendrick: Enterprise Service Busted?

Tom Foremski: Telcos hurting national interest says Vint Cerf - Father of Internet

Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft hints about new profile-centric Win Live wares

Jennifer Leggio: Twitter anti-spam efforts go overboard

Photos: 'Green' graffiti makes paint-free protests

TechRepublic: Hot IT specialty: E-discovery

TechCrunch: Google In Final Negotiations To Acquire Digg For “Around $200 Million”

Om Malik: GigaOM Acquires jkOnTheRun

Jason O'Grady: Is this the New Apple?

Christopher Dawson: Deals abound for back to school

Paul Murphy: How to lose customers by not even trying

Garett Rogers: Google Maps now shows you walking directions

Nate McFeters: A look at the recent Firefox 3 vulnerability

Matthew Miller: Aren't the Nokia N800/N810 devices dead simple web tablets?

Dana Blankenhorn: The tribes of open source gather at OSCON

10 hard drive disasters

Roland Piquepaille: First paper-based transistors

Dennis Howlett: Zuora: the future business model?

Dan Kusnetzky: VMware and common performance myths

Dave Greenfield: Open Source VoIP: Asterisk or FreeSwitch?

Dana Blankenhorn: Military won't wait on EMR choice

Heather Clancy: Mayor: Cleantech leaders are finding their way to San Jose

Review: D-Link Xtreme N Duo Media Router DIR-855 - wireless router

Andrew Nusca: 'A Level' app turns iPhone into handyman's best friend

Richard Koman: At Netroots, relations warming with Obama

Sybase extends Lotus Notes, Exchange support to iPhone 3G