Newspaper online video offerings rise 51 percent

Content providers, including newspapers and television, have emphasised video uploads, but the newspaper offerings gained the most ground

Newspapers are gaining ground when it comes to online video offerings, beating their television counterparts in several key metrics, according to an online video report commissioned by Brightcove and TubeMugul.

Newspaper online video image

Online video offerings make gains in newspapers. Credit: Brightcove

In particular, Brightcove and TubeMugul's report noted that newspapers saw a 51 percent jump from last quarter in the number of titles uploaded. On a year-to-year basis, the number of titles was up 110 percent. In all, newspapers uploaded 482,000 titles in the quarter.

In addition, title uploads from content providers in the online media category grew by 23 percent over last quarter — and 188 percent year-over-year — and has no surpassed uploads from television broadcasters.

There is a difference between the videos that newspapers and TV broadcasters upload. The uploads by broadcasters are fewer in number but tend to be a longer-form content type. By contrast, newspapers are uploading a greater number of shorter-length clips and more often.

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