No renders: New BlackBerry Venice images show microSD slot, 18 megapixel camera

We previously only saw renders of the likely BlackBerry Venice, but now get to see the real device in all its QWERTY keyboard glory.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

A couple of weeks ago ZDNet's Kevin Tofel posted some renders and all the rumored details of the BlackBerry Venice. Today, we see actual photos of the upcoming Android-powerered smartphone posted on the Tinhte website, apparently captured while in an airplane seat.

The photos confirm that the BlackBerry Venice will have a curved glass front display that slides up to reveal a full hardware QWERTY keyboard. This form factor is reminscient of one of my favorite Windows Phones of all time, the Dell Venue Pro that I bought in 2011 and still own today.

We see an 18 megapixel rear camera with OIS, dual LED flash, microSD card and SIM card slots on top, and likely power button on the left. The volume buttons and possible BlackBerry Assistant/Google Now button are on the right. It doesn't look like the back is removable so an integrated battery, similar to the BlackBerry Passport, is likely being used here.

The device is definitely running Android with a folder of Google apps in what appears to be a fairly pure Google experience device. One image shows an app called BlackBerry Hub running as well. BlackBerry Hub is one of my favorite things about BB10 and I am giving serious consideration to purchasing a BlackBerry Venice if it launches in November, as rumored.

I wasn't sure if the BlackBerry Venice was real or not given that all we have see until now were renders. It's pretty clear it's an actual device so who else is looking forward to picking one up?

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