No skyrocketing salaries, despite skills squeeze

ICT salaries are rising, but they are certainly not skyrocketing.

ICT salaries are rising, but they are certainly not skyrocketing.

AIIA released the results of its latest Survey of Salaries and Remuneration Packaging in the Australian ICT Industry last week, which revealed that salaries across the entire ICT industry have increased by a relatively modest 5.1 percent in the last year.

What does this mean? Simply, that while talk around town continues to focus on "the war for talent", the ICT jobs market remains reasonably stable.

There are certainly "hot skills" -- such as .NET, security, Java, C++, Siebel and SAP skills -- which are more in demand, and therefore are commanding higher salaries. Similarly, some employees within non-technical job families, such as finance and legal, corporate services, human resources and marketing, are receiving above-the-standard pay increases.

Nevertheless, our survey covers more than 300,000 employees across the industry, and tells us that salaries continue to remain steady.

CEOs have long memories and are well aware of the negative outcomes resulting from soaring salaries before the Tech Wreck of 2001. Rather than offering reactive pay increases, CEOs and their HR managers are providing "soft benefits" such as wellness programs, rewards and recognition, child care and parental leave options.

What do you think? Are employers providing their staff with the work/life benefits they want, alongside a healthy pay packet?