Nokia and Microsoft work together on mobile search

Mobile search is finally getting the attention it deserves and I am pleased to see Nokia working with Microsoft. I will also be in NY next week where we may see a new Nseries device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
I participated in a couple of MSN Search Champs conferences in the past and my whole focus and contribution was on trying to get Microsoft to make sure that search on mobile devices was addressed. Microsoft has been rolling out the Live services, which I think is a much better branding than MSN Search. Some great news from a couple of unlikely partners came to us today when Nokia and Microsoft announced that Nokia will integrate Live Search functionality into its Mobile Search platform on Nokia Nseries devices. Nokia has had a mobile search client with Yahoo support on many of their devices, but this new partnership will expand that with web search, stock quotes, movie times and Encarta Instant Answers. The Mobile Search application will be included in select N80, N70, N93, Nokia 6630 and more device packages and available for select S60 devices as a free download.

Speaking of Nokia Nseries devices, I will be in New York on Tuesday for the Nokia Open Studio event and am even more excited about the prospects of the event after reading this story on All About Symbian that linked to this Nokia site. As you can see the site states that there will be an introduction of the latest Nokia Nseries products, services and experiences. With the events being held in four cities across the globe it is very likely that there will be one or two new devices. I am hoping, since one event is in NY, that a device will work in the U.S. and maybe even launch with a carrier. Stay tuned for my coverage of the event on Tuesday.

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