Nokia explores RFID bracelets

The handset maker wants to move in on customers' wrists
Written by Jo Best, Contributor on
Researchers at Nokia's labs in Helsinki are experimenting with various futuristic technologies - from RFID bracelets and high definition video capability to using wrist movements as a user interface.

The Finnish phone giant is currently looking into the possible future applications for RFID. One scenario, according to Nokia, is an RFID connected device that can be worn as a bracelet and used, for example, as a shopping assistant.

Nokia's RFID vision could see the bracelet phone equipped with location services, alerting a particular shop to the arrival of a high-spending customer, or alerting a shopper when a desired item is in stock.

Wrists are a key feature of Nokia's future vision with the handset maker eyeing up the potential of "multi modal" devices with voice or hand gestures used as a method of user interface, controlling a user's home electronics as well as the phone itself.

Jyri Huopaniemi, head of mobile applications research at Nokia's research centre in Helsinki said: "In the digital era, the home is becoming and turning into an intelligent space. It is a repository for personal digital content."

Huopaniemi added that personalisation was Nokia's most "active research topic".

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