Nokia renames Trolltech and Qtopia

The Finnish phone manufacturer has renamed Trolltech after its main product, and folded Trolltech's Qtopia into the main Qt family

Trolltech, the software-development company bought earlier this year by Nokia, has been renamed 'Qt Software', after its main product Qt.

Qt, a widely used graphical toolkit for Linux and other platforms, will now be the sole focus of Qt Software's activities, Nokia announced late on Tuesday.

Qtopia, the derivation of Qt used for mobile and embedded systems, will also be renamed, becoming 'Qt Extended'.

Nokia's acquisition bid for Trolltech, announced in January, was cleared by the European Commission in June. Qt is the main graphical user interface toolkit for the KDE Linux project, and is also used for applications such as Google Earth and Skype.

"Qt Extended is designed to accelerate software development for a wide range of consumer devices, such as video IP phones, media players and other advanced devices," the vice president of Qt Software within Nokia, Sebastian Nyström, said in Tuesday's statement.

According to Nokia, the core features of the newly announced Qt Extended 4.4 release are modular architecture for feature selection, an advanced touch-based user interface, and a "unified inbox for email, SMS, MMS, instant messaging… plus push IMAP email and other messaging enhancements".

Also included in Qt Extended 4.4 are an IP communications framework and a new user-interface testing tool.