Nokia reveals budget-friendly, large-screen Lumia 625

Nokia has announced the latest addition to the Lumia range: the 4.7-inch 625.
Written by Jo Best, Contributor
Image: Nokia

After the 520 proved something of a hit (in Lumia terms, that is), Nokia has announced a new low-end device.

What makes the 625, launched on Tuesday, stand out from its predecessors is the size of the screen: a 4.7-incher. It's the biggest Lumia screen to date: previously, the largest display in the range was 4.5 inches, as seen on the 1020, 920, and 925.

However, for all that screen real estate, the resolution is fairly low — 800x480p — the same resolution as the 520 but significantly lower than Nokia's flagship 1020's 1280x768p. Also noteworthy: the 625 is 4G LTE-compatible.

The device is otherwise a fairly standard lower-end Lumia on the inside, powered by the 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor, rather than the 1.5GHz version found on most of the recent Lumias. There's also 512MB of RAM, 8GB of onboard storage (extendable up to 64GB via SD card), and a five-megapixel rear-facing camera.

As well as running Windows Phone 8, the 625 comes with the Lumia Amber update, which brings tweaks including displaying the time during when the device is in standby mode without draining the battery, and extra camera features such as SmartCam.

The device — which comes in orange, yellow, bright green, white, and black — will go on sale the current quarter. The 625 also has its own range of changeable coloured polycarbonate shells.

Though it's thought to be aimed chiefly at the Chinese market, the 625 will also be sold in Europe, Asia Pacific, India, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, and comes with a wallet-friendly price tag of €220 unsubsidised.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told investors last week that the company would be seeking to cut the cost of its Windows Phone devices in an effort to drive sales, citing the 520 as one of the more popular handsets in the range at the moment — particularly in the US, UK, and China.

The 625 is the second Lumia launch this month: the imaging-focused 1020 was launched in New York earlier in July.

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