Nokia takes a big SIP

OK, quick word-association test."Nokia?""Cell phones," you answer.

OK, quick word-association test.


"Cell phones," you answer.

But not just cell phones. Today, Nokia took a big step into the VoIP space by announcing the Nokia Telecommunications Application Server, or TAS for short.

TAS is a new SIP (Session Initialization Protocol) server that can provision fixed and mobile VoIP users with the same type of services offered in existing cellular networks. We're talking Caller ID, SMS, and even prepaid call access.

Today marks not only a big coming out party for TAS, but a major benchmark for Nokia Presence Solution. When Version 2.0 comes out this spring, This SIP-supported function will allow cellular operators to apply presence to SIP-based push-to-talk over cell services. End users will be able to see whether the mobile user they intend to call is available- before they make the call.

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