​North Korea internet access leak shows only 28 sites

North Korea's top-level DNS data has leaked, showing that the Stalanist state only has 28 websites that use the .kp domain name.
Written by Cho Mu-Hyun, Contributing Writer on

Leaked image of kcna, North Korea's news service.

North Korea, allegedly responsible for high-profit hacker attacks such as the Sony email leak, has had its internet access leaked.

On Monday, the country's top-level nameservers were accidentally configured to allow global DNS zone transfers, allowing anyone who performs a zone transfer request to its nameserver to get a copy of the data.

As revealed by GitHub, TLDR project discovered that the Stalinist state only had 28 sites that use its .kp domain name.

They are:

  • airkoryo.com.kp -- for purchasing airline tickets (Air Koryo is North Korea's state airline)
  • cooks.org.kp -- for viewing North Korean cuisine
  • friend.com.kp
  • gnu.rep.kp
  • kass.org.kp
  • kcna.kp -- North Korean news
  • kiyctc.com.kp
  • knic.com.kp -- an insurance company
  • koredufund.org.kp
  • korelcfund.org.kp
  • korfilm.com.kp
  • ma.gov.kp
  • masikryong.com.kp
  • naenara.com.kp
  • nta.gov.kp
  • portal.net.kp
  • rcc.net.kp
  • rep.kp
  • rodong.rep.kp
  • ryongnamsan.edu.kp
  • sdprk.org.kp
  • silibank.net.kp
  • star-co.net.kp
  • star-di.net.kp
  • star.co.kp
  • star.edu.kp
  • star.net.kp
  • vok.rep.kp

The leak follows China's arrest of the chairwoman of Liaoning Hongxiang Industrial Group, after revelations that the company was trading with North Korea and providing materials for nuclear weapons. The Chinese conglomerate also allegedly housed North Korean hackers for them to operate in.

Tension are high in the Korean peninsula following North Korea's fifth nuclear test conducted earlier this month, despite international condemnation.

In January, South Korea raised its cybersecurity threat level against the North following phishing attacks.

In March, South Korea's intelligence agency claimed that the North hacked phones of senior government officials.

In 2014, FBI said that the Stalinist state was behind the hacking attack on Sony.

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