NovaSoft pours Java into workflow software

A US software vendor is taking Java into document management.

NovaSoft Systems, an eight-year-old Burlington, Massachussetts company, is preparing for a September launch of a Java-based workflow suite called NovaWeb.

"Almost everyone's first step into the Web space is to build an HTML interface," said NovaSoft VP of engineering Jothy Rosenberg who was formerly VP of middleware and application development at Borland.

"That's fine if you want to present static information, but you're taking a 30-year backwards step to 3270 IBM mainframe land. We're offering something fully interactive which is 100 per cent Java and has a new middle tier for functions that used to be performed at the client end. It's really thin, additional functionality can be easily added, and it's completely focused on people who need to view documents."

Rosenberg said that initial products would be based on Java applets but the company will soon use JavaBeans as its component model. He added that a key advantage of the product will be the ability to add functionality and control operation without calling in IT specialists. "It can be controlled by someone who's not a programmer but a business project expert. For instance, someone who knows about manufacturing a new pharmaceutical can use this without having to write a line of code."

The first element of the NovaWeb line, NovaWeb/Approve, will ship in September in the UK and will be available through systems integrators.

NovaSoft can be contacted by telephone on 01494-792018.