Now you can access Bing Chat without a Microsoft account

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature that would allow all users to access its AI chatbot -- but there's a catch.
Written by Sabrina Ortiz, Editor
Sabrina Ortiz/ZDNET

Microsoft's Bing AI chatbot has impressed many with its advanced features including GPT-4 and access to the internet, while still remaining free to use. 

The only barrier to entry has been having a Microsoft account -- until now. 

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On Tuesday, Michael Schechter, Vice President of Growth and Distribution at Microsoft, shared via Twitter that Microsoft is rolling out unauthenticated chat access on Bing. 

Through this update, anyone can experience the Bing Chat hype, even if you are a loyal Google user who refuses to create a Microsoft account. 

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However, there is a catch: non-authenticated user conversations are limited to five chat turns per session.

If you like your limited experience with Bing Chat, you can easily make a Microsoft account and get full access to the chatbot with 20 chat turns per session instead of five. 

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This update follows a steady stream of AI upgrades Microsoft has been releasing for the last couple of weeks across its platforms. 

Most recently, Microsoft introduced a wave of updates to its Bing, Edge, Swiftkey, and Skype apps.

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