Nuclear hacker fuels security review

Computer break in at nuclear power plant causes security concerns

Security at nuclear power stations in the UK is being increased after a security guard at one plant attempted to sabotage its computer system.

A patrolman is believed to have hacked into a computer network at a nuclear power station in Bradwell, Essex, setting off a major security alert.

According to a confidential document quoted in the Guardian Tuesday, the security guard attempted to delete sensitive information on the computer system. The same document says that the guard had not undergone security screening and had two prior criminal convictions.

BNFL, the government-owned nuclear fuel company which runs the Bradwell plant, says that safety at the plant was never in question. "The situation presented no risk to our staff, the general public or to the staff itself," says a statement from BNFL.

Security screening is to be stepped up at BNFL nuclear power stations following the incident, however.

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