Nuggets: Alps printer demands enthusiasm

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Fascinating, truly fascinating...

Is there any essential piece of kit quite so unexciting as a printer? Alps Electric doesn't seem to think so -- the press release for its MD-5000 printer positively drips with enthusiasm. The 2400 dpi colour printer comes with four ink cartridges, cyan, magenta, yellow and black; Alps' Vphoto print film; Vphoto primer, a ribbon-based ink; and Finish II and EconoBlack, reversible and reusable ink cartridges for black and white printing. The dye sublimation option allows you to print off continuous-tone photo images.

The thing that really gets Alps hopping up and down with excitement is its Micro Dry process. This, ahem... fascinating technology combines a thermal controller with the DOS (deposit on silicon) print head to create a high density print pattern for each dot, fusing the ink to the print surface. It's compatible with Macs or PCs and there's an optional USB kit for iMacs.

In the shops now for £685.

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