Nuggets: Box of (digital) clicks

Cool-iCam you can bring to parties and fall over with

A digital camera specially designed for all you adventurous types has been released by that well known purveyor of consumer gadgets, the WWL Group. Oh, and if you think that's nothing to be shouting about it also supports video clips and web conferencing (which ain't bad for a bit of kit cheaper than a weekend's worth of beer). The Cool-iCam is perfect for recording those magic moments, but wouldn't risk taking a top-of-the-range bit of kit along to. It's also an ideal party toy, as it copes with being bounced around and is easy to operate even when you're plastered. Point-and-click rules here, as a single button press will cycle between the still-image and video clip modes. The memory can hold 20 high-resolution or 80 low-resolution images, and when you've run out of space you just download to your PC and start again. To record video footage, just take aim and hold down the shutter button. For a spot of conferencing action, simply plonk the Cool-icam on top of your monitor (a little stand is supplied) and run NetMeeting. The software interface makes it simple to download, view and save your snaps, or to create an .avi clip, thanks to the USB connectivity. Be warned that the picture quality isn't great, especially if you don't hold the camera pretty damn steady. Still, for £79.99 you can't expect miracles. The Cool-iCam is available in grey, red or blue, and comes with a carry-pouch and a wrist-strap.

  • Supports still images, video clips and video-conferencing
  • Memory holds 20 hi-res (352x288 pixels), or 80 low-res (176x144 pixels)
  • USB interface
  • Battery-powered when on the move (3V lithium)
  • Bundled with Photo Express 3.0SE and Microsoft NetMeeting
  • £79.99 in the high street
See what the Cool-iCam looks like. Contact: WWL(UK) Ltd
Tel: 0161 633 9800
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