Nuggets: Canon's quartet for Christmas

Canon scanners won't fit in your stocking...

Licking its lips at the thought of all that Christmas cash, Canon has just brought out four new scanners.

The first of the quartet is the CanoScan FB63OU, with 36-bit colour and 600 x 1200 dpi resolution, for £99. There's a one--touch scanning button plus it offers what Canon calls 'silent scanning.'

Top of its autumn offerings is the CanoScan FB1200S, which will set you back the slightly scarier sum of £399. For the extra dosh you get 1200 x 1200 resolution, with 36-bit colour depth. In English that means this little darling recognises 68 billion colours (are there that many colours?). The FB1200S comes with a SCSI interface and two optional accessories -- an automatic document feeder, for bulk processing, and a film adaptor unit for scanning negatives.

The bargain basement model is the CanoScan FB330p colour flatbed. There's no difference between the rest of the bunch, apart from the puny 300 x 600 resolution. But hey, it's only £59.

Last, and certainly least -- seeing as Canon claims that it's the smallest scanner in the word -- is the CanoScan FB630p. For £79 you get resolutions of 600 x 1200 dpi, one click printing and 120 seconds for a colour A4 page. And unlike its bigger brothers, it will fit in your Christmas stocking!

All the models come with a software bundle that includes Canon's ScanGear and Toolbox, Ulead's PhotoExpress image manipulation programme, and Caere's OmniPage for optical character recognition.

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