Nuggets: CD writing edges into mainstream

Heard all your friends bragging about how many CDs they ripped this weekend? Help is on the way for the cash-strapped bunch...
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

The good news is that CD writers are finally starting to move out of the computer and into traditional hi-fi. Tape to tape recording has been a standard in hi-fi systems for years, so it's about time we got its optical equivalent.

LG Electronics is powering ahead here with the launch of its ADR-620 dual-deck audio CD-Recorder/CD-Rewritable unit.

This sleek beast offers 4x high-speed dubbing, which means you can grab a copy of a CD in about 15 minutes.

The unit allows simultaneous playback of both decks. Alternatively, you can copy through the external input jacks, from a MiniDisc, for example, to the recording deck, so you can play CDs at the same time.

All this CD-CD recording stuff may sound very exciting now, but don't forget there are loads more digital formats on the horizon, such as DAB digital radio, on different frequencies from CDs.

Trying to make your life as easy as possible, LG has put the digital co-axial input on the front of the machine, so you won't have to keep scrabbling around at the back to plug in things like MiniDisc players.

In the shops by next month for £349.

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