Nuggets: Cool flat panel speakers with a thumping bass

The windows are rattling, the floor's shaking. Is it an earthquake? No, it's my subwoofer

Do you crave the most chic PC speakers on earth combined with awesome sound quality -- all for less than 80 quid? Look no further than Edge-418 by Labtec.

What you get are two ultra-thin satellite speakers based on Labtec's proprietary flat-panel technology. The acoustic advantage of the flat panel design is that the stereo sweet spot is wider than comparable cone speakers. So you can bop around without having to lock your head in one position to appreciate the stereo separation.

You also get a separate wood-enclosed subwoofer that pumps out monstrous bass. We are talking serious boomage here, guaranteed to give you a smile and everyone else in earshot a headache. Those fortunate enough to be blessed with these precious Edge speakers at work, rarely crank up the bass to the max as the sound virtually obliterates any other activity in the immediate vicinity.

Unless you are a hi-fi nut, or rather aficionado, the likelihood is that this PC speaker set will put your conventional hi-fi to shame.

A minor gripe is that the sticky patches that hold the flat panels to the side of the monitor weren't up to the job in the case of the right speaker which dropped off. Having to bandage them up in sellotape somewhat detracts from their cutting edge status.

  • Edge -- 418

  • Price: £79.99

  • Frequency response: 35Hz-20kHz

  • 30 Watts RMS total (Subwoofer 19 Watts, Satellites 5.5W each)

  • 5 1/4 " Max-X High-Excursion Subwoofer driver

  • Phone: +44(0)1256 386000 or

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